Yerba mate is a naturally delicious beverage that provides numerous health benefits to the body. For starters, you can naturally caffeinate it, since it contains 27 mg per serving of caffeine. Unlike other sugary drinks, yerba mate contains mood improving and energizing benefits. If consumed regularly, yerba mate is proven to help with weight loss. Studies done on yerba tea shows that it’s worth the hype and others refer to it as metabolism boosting tea. Yerba mate can turn up your body’s calories burning mechanism leading to weight loss. Other health benefits of yerba mate include enhancing stamina, improving focus, boosting immunity, reduces the risk of heart disease, protect against infectious diseases and provides heart health. Now, what are the mate benefits for weight loss?

Prevents Genetic Obesity

In an experiment to determine the effectiveness of yerba mate against obesity, an animal model of high-fat-diet-induced obesity was designed. The high-fat diet activated genes linked to obesity and also increased their activities.

But, treatment with yerba mate brought the expression of these genes back to normal and prevented weight gain. All the fats present in the blood and any other fat deposits were all reduced. Yerba mate downregulates activities of genes that support adipogenesis (the process of development of fat tissue). Additionally, it’s effective in preventing the accumulation of fats in fat cells and inhibits the development of fat cells resulting to lower body weight.

Influences Fat Metabolism

Yerba mate stimulates the burning of calories by activating AMPK pathway or AMP-protein kinase which helps generate energy. According to the study, anything that activates this pathway can help treat obesity. Yerba mate helps support the breakdown of fats. Taking yerba mate extract supplementation can reduce body weight and fat deposits by influencing glucose, insulin and leptin levels.

Curbs Belly Fat Through Sugar Regulation

Yerba mate has some blood sugar lowering properties (hypoglycaemic). Visceral fat accumulates and gets stored as fat in the abdomen when your insulin fails to break down glucose. These fats store around organs in the abdominal cavity. Yerba mate promotes glucose metabolism which helps to prevent intra-abdominal fat deposit. Extracts of this herb decrease the expression of the gene SGLT-1 in the intestine by interfering with glucose absorption. Also, it reduces insulin resistance facilitating glucose uptake.

It Controls Hunger and Appetite

Studies show that yerba mate prolongs gastric emptying up to one hour. Delayed gastric emptying gives one a feeling of fullness, thus reducing food intake. A study observed a reduction in weight within 10 days after taking yerba mate extract. Taking the herbal supplement can significantly reduce calories intake and control appetite. Leptin is a hormone that promotes satiety and appetite control. Obese people suffer from leptin resistance and 30 days’ treatment of yerba mate prevents leptin resistance. The herb promotes satiety by increasing levels of GLP-1 (a protein secreted by the intestines) which regulates appetite influencing body weight.

Boosts Metabolism and Burns Calories

Studies refer to yerba mate as a thermogenic agent, a drug that produces energy by stimulating metabolism. Yerba mate consumption has proven to increase exercise performance and enhances the rate at which calories are burned during exercise. A clinical trial that treated animals with yerba mate found that it leads to reduced food intake and higher energy expenditure. A dietary supplement consisting of caffeine, green tea, and yerba mate extract boosts resting energy expenditure by up to four hours after consumption. Plus, it increases focus and energy.

Reduces Cholesterol

Yerba mate reduces the accumulation of fats in fat cells and influences lip metabolism in the liver and fat tissue leading to a reduction of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood. Its antioxidant property plays a role in reducing cholesterol. A study showed that yerba mate efficiently improves lipid profile and reduces cholesterol levels in normal people as well as those suffering from abnormal lipid profile. The enzymes that yerba mate targets in the reduction of blood lipid levels are:

  • Lipase: an enzyme involved in the breakdown and conversion of fats to lipid which is then stored in the blood and fat tissue. Yerba mate inhibits the activity of this enzyme.
  • Adiponectin: an enzyme secreted by fat cells and regulates the breakdown of glucose and fats. Yerba mate increases the levels of adiponectin in obese individuals since the enzyme is in short supply in their body cells.


You can find yerba mate in the form of tea bags, capsules or you can brew the mate into tea. However, since yerba mate is high in caffeine, excessive consumption can lead to poisoning. Otherwise, doses of up to 1000 mg have proven to be safe. Generally, yerba mate has important properties that help with weight loss. Therefore, regular consumption should aid with your weight issues.

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