Beverage Marketing Corp reported that the U.S. consumes more the 35 gallons of bottled water per year. That’s around 270 bottles per person, and the number is estimated to go up. Bottled water is convenient but it’s full of downsides too which are deteriorating to our health. Stores all over the world pack bottled water from different brands which leave you with the choice of deciding which one you want. The manufacturers of these bottled water make you think you’re drinking from a crystal clear spring deep in the mountain, therefore the water is packed in a clear plastic bottle. The reality is that the filtered tap water is often a better choice for you and your family compared to bottled water. Here are reasons why you should give up bottled water.

The Water Might Be Contaminated

The bottled water industry doesn’t have a perfect track record about their packaging and the filtration process. This is related to an article from CBS.com which states that there have been more than 100 recalls of bottled water.

The common water contaminants mentioned in the article include algae, chlorine, and types of bacteria. Other harmful substances like glass particles, mold, and even crickets were found in some bottled water. Recently Coca-Cola disputed a claim from a woman who said she had found larvae in her Dasani bottled water.

Plastic Bottles Hurt the Environment

The more people continue to drink bottled water the more we continue to destroy the environment. You might think that this shouldn’t be the case since bottles can be recycled. Unfortunately, the majority of the bottles end up in the landfill. The Association of Plastic Recyclers reported that the number of recycled bottled is about 31.8% per year. This forms two third of 50 billion bottles while the rest make up a sizable chunk. Peter Gleick, an environmentalist, criticized the water bottled industry after conducting research where he said that, bottled water requires 2,000 times as much energy cost as tap water.

Plastics Aren’t Safe

All plastic beverage bottles are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) polymer. The EPA says that during the manufacture of plastics, toxic pollutants including styrene, butadiene, and methanol are released to the environment. Additionally, Bisphenol A or BPA is widely used in the manufacture of food and beverage containers such as baby bottles, plastic beverage bottles, and aluminum cans. BPA has been associated with health issues like reproductive problems, infertility, and cancer. It can also be absorbed into your skin from your dental sealants and toothbrush bristles.

The Water May Not Taste Better

You expect bottled water to have a sweet and unique taste, but after all the money you’ve spent buying the water, you find it tastes much worse. Several blind taste tests indicate that people can’t tell the difference between bottled water and tap water. The most interesting part is that these tests involved Fiji bottled water which had before launched a campaign which made fun of Cleveland’s water. The campaign stated, “The label says Fiji because it’s not bottled in Cleveland.” Cleveland in return had Fiji water tested which turned out to contain 6.31 micrograms of arsenic.

Most Brands Are Selling Tap Water

The quality of bottled water varies from one brand to another. The majority of the brands are using municipal water which undergoes filtration at the bottling plant. Even worse, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates that around 25% of these bottled water comes straight from the tap and some of them aren’t further treated. Don’t fall for the marketing strategies used by the manufacturers of bottled water because they know how to use the right words to make their products appear pure and most refreshing water imaginable. You can do water filtration at the comfort of your home.

Is a Waste of Money

Bottled water happens to be a huge global industry making millions of money selling their-not-so-healthy water to people. North American is said to be far the largest consumer of bottled water. Research reports that the United States spends over $15 billion buying bottled water. This is around $100 per person each year. This is a lot of money spent on these industries which could be put to other uses.


Be informed and make the right choices in terms of your health and money when buying bottled water. It’s understandable if you buy bottled water because your tap water doesn’t taste good. In fact, the Water Quality Association reported that this is the main reason most people are turning to bottled water. However, bottled water isn’t the only solution. In-home filtration or reverse osmosis system provides you with the purest and most refreshing clean water.

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