Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Leaking Roof or Water Damage

Water damage is a serious problem and should not be ignored. The longer you ignore the damage, the worse your situation is going to get. Water damage to your roof should be a top priority for your household. It may seem like something that you can procrastinate with, but there are many other underlying problems arising. If you don’t want to invest the money now, you will only be investing way more down the line. Even the slightest leak requires attention, because it is only time before it transforms into a bigger problem.

Ceiling Damage

It only makes sense that a leaking roof will damage the ceiling first. The problem may show up in your interior ceilings. This will cause your paint to darken and ceiling plaster to bubble, even affecting surrounding walls. Chances are your mounted lights and fans will also become damaged. If you have an attic be on the lookout, because the water and moisture will affect your stored items.

Mold Buildup

One of the most serious consequences of water damage is mold buildup. Mold can spread throughout your entire house if it is able to reach the HVAC system. It will escape through the vents and maybe even find its way into your carpets and furniture. Black mold is one of the most common molds resulting from water intrusion. Mold is very dangerous, difficult to get rid of, and costly.

Fire Hazard

If your electrical wiring is present in the ceiling, your house could be at risk of a fire. Shorted wires and a leaky roof are a lethal combination. The water could even drip from the ceiling to exposed outlets or fuse boxes. You should turn off the electricity to the area that is affected and have it inspected by an electrician. Never inspect the area by yourself, a professional needs to determine the extent of the safety hazard.

Higher Energy Bills

Water intrusion poses a major threat to your insulation. A leak breaks down the fibers in the insulation, and this takes a long time to dry out. If the problem persists, your insulation will not have time to dry. This will cause it to wear down more and more each day. Your insulation will be significantly depleted, so it will not be as effective. This will cause your hot and cold air to escape, leaving you with higher utility bills. Not to mention overworking your furnace and air conditioner.

Compromised Structure

If you let leakages and water damage go for long enough, you could be compromising the structural integrity of your home. The leaks will eventually lead to deterioration of the wood, which will weaken and rot the beams. If water leaks down into ceiling joists and walls, you are looking at a very pricey fix.

You Will Have To Hire a Specialist

Water damage is no joke, and you will definitely need a professional to help fix your problems. Most individuals hire a specialist quickly, so it is vital that they meet certain requirements. It is also important to ask for a professional that is available around the clock and works with your insurance. An example of a water damage specialist is Reds—a professional restoration company that can cover all of the above.

Diminishes Home Value

If you are in the market to sell your house, a leaking roof and/or interior moisture build-up will become even more of a problem. Water damage within a home depletes its value significantly. It also lowers the number of interested buyers. You will not be able to paint over water stains, so even an untrained eye will notice an issue. Sometimes the damage can even be recognized by a smell.

Affects Drywall

It is likely that if your water damage reaches drywall you are going to have to replace it in its entirety. When drywall is exposed to water it causes mold buildup and changes color and becomes brittle. Paint cannot cover the discoloration. Eventually the drywall will begin to warp and bubble. The damaged drywall will need to be cut-out and replaced.

There is no reason to put off fixing water damage within your home. The time you let pass before you fix it is just time for more problems to arise. There are many more problems that develop from water damage. You need to get ahead of the game and fix your one issue before it becomes many. If you act on the problem soon enough, chances are the cost will be cheaper.

The longer you wait the more you are going to have to fix, and the more you are going to have to pay. Don’t let a little water be ignored, just because you don’t think it is bad enough to fix. That small amount could create many problems for you and your family.

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