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Mead has been cultivated and consumed across the world for over a thousand years. This drink has gained popularity due to the many surprising health benefits associated with it. Mead is naturally made with no preservatives or sweeteners due to the presence of honey which provides all the sugar required. Honey has always been thought to be a gift from heaven and continues to amaze humans because of the many benefits it offers to our bodies. So why is mead good for you and why should you start drinking it?

What is Mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. The key ingredients in mead are honey, water, and yeast or bacteria. Mead flavors may vary depending on the fruits used, but an original one should be sweet and strong. Other ingredients that can be added when making it include herbs, spices, grains, roots, fruits, and flowers. Mead alcohol content varies between five to twenty percent. In ancient days’ mead was referred to as “the drink of the gods” and was given to warriors after a fight to enhance healing of their injuries. Today, many people still believe mead has health benefits. Modern health says that mead health benefits come from honey and probiotic content due to fermentation.

Why is Mead Good for You

Mead is a great source of multiple substances such as vitamin, protein, antitoxic, minerals and sugar which offer different benefits to your body. It’s classified as one of the natural and oldest probiotic drinks containing bacteria and yeast. Let us discuss why you should start drinking it.

1.Fights against infections

ead, made from honey and containing lactic acid bacteria, has a positive impact on your immunity. According to research, probiotics in mead help prevent and treat chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, allergies, and gastrointestinal disorders. However, the probiotics in different types of mead vary depending on the ingredients used. Some drinks contain high contents of probiotics while others have low levels of probiotics.

The ingredients included in the beverage and the fermentation process can also affect the concentration of beneficial bacteria. Therefore, you need to be selective when buying mead and be sure to check the percentage of each ingredient used.

2.Therapeutic Benefits of Honey

Honey has both culinary and therapeutic application. It’s a great source of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties both of which help to treat a variety of ailments. Honey is used in the treatment of skin wounds and infections or can be consumed orally to soothe a cough or a sore throat.

Since mead is made from honey, it contains these medical properties too, especially the simple mead made with honey, water and yeast. Although another type of mead made of honey and herbs can contain medical properties.

3.Kills Resistant Pathogens in Our Bodies

The bacteria in mead have the power to kill all human pathogens including the resistant ones. They do so by producing hundreds of antibacterial antibiotic like substance. In one study involving a horse, mead was able to heal a wound that was previously resistant to any treatment.

4. It’s Safe to Drink


Unlike any other type of alcoholic drink produced today, mead is made from fermented honey which has multiple health benefits. Since mead has natural sugar from honey, it’s safer because it eliminates health problems brought by the use of white sugar. For example, white sugar can trigger insulin response more than honey resulting in health issues such as high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

5.Prevents Obesity

Refined sugar lacks mineral and vitamins, therefore, they are referred to as empty calories. They depend upon the body’s nutrients to be metabolized in the system. When the nutrients are depleted, metabolism of cholesterol and fatty acid begins contributing to higher cholesterol and promoting obesity.

By taking mead, you only take honey which contains calories. Honey as a natural sweetener contains 22 amino acids and a variety of minerals that are used in metabolism, hence preventing obesity.


Mead has more health benefits compared to other alcoholic drinks. It’s available in many forms which include sweet, dry, still or sparkling. Mead can be drunk as soon as two weeks after fermentation begins. Apart from honey, water used in making mead is an important component which offers many benefits to our bodies.

When buying mead check the ingredients to ensure there are no additives that could harm you. Also, be careful when consuming mead because excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your body.


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