Tiger Eye Stone is loved by crystal enthusiasts for the positive energy it’s associated with. It is said to have special effects on those who wear it, hold it, or have it. Unfortunately, its positive elements do not make it suitable for everyone. Turns out, its energy can cause disturbances in the natural energies of those who wear it. So, who should and should not wear Tiger Eye Stone? Read on to discover more about this powerful gemstone.

Tiger Eye Stone Explained

Before we tell you who should not wear Tiger Eye Stone, let’s first answer the burning question, “What is Tiger Eye Stone”?

Tiger’s Eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family, a cryptocrystalline form of silica. It has a silky texture and opaque transparency and comes in shades of reddish-brown and iron stripes. It’s a chatoyant gemstone that resembles the eye of the tiger.

What’s the Meaning of Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger Eye Stone is an ancient gemstone that has been used for different reasons:

  • Ancient Sri-Lankans used it as protection against evil.
  • Ancient Roman soldiers believed wearing the Tiger Eye Stone while going to war as a bearer of protection and victory.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed the Tiger’s Eye brought good luck and fortune.
  • Ancient Chinese believed the gemstone was a bearer of good luck.

In essence, Tiger Eye Stone can help you transform toxic and negative feelings into positive ones. It may encourage you to change your perspective and view obstacles as challenges rather than setbacks.

The stone is said to empower you to move past your fears and anxiety and improve your courage. It pushes you to act and make decisions with discernment and understanding and helps clear any form of emotional confusion from your life.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger’s Eye?

The stone should be an excellent choice for anyone interested in gaining more courage and confidence in life. It can help improve concentration in kids and those who struggle with fertility. It also protects from evil and may offer a solution to people struggling with chronic pain.

Since Tiger Eye Stone is governed by the Sun and Mars, anyone can wear it. However, some zodiac signs are warned against wearing this crystal. The Sun’s enemies are Saturn and Venus, and Mar’s is Mercury. Therefore, Aquarians, Capricorns, Librans, Taureans, and Virgos should not wear Tiger Eye Stone.

Sun is the bearer of positivity and warmth. It brings self-realization and willpower and balances your ego. As Tiger’s Eye is ruled by the sun, it realizes your dreams.

Mars also rules Tiger Eye Stone. Mars is the god of war, and it brings desire and energy. It helps make you wise and quick-witted and protects you from dangers when you wear the Tiger’s Eye.

That said, Aries is ruled by Mars, meaning Arians can wear the gemstone. Aries-born people are honest, yet stubborn. Wearing the stone will help clear negativity out of your way.

Cancerians too can wear Tiger Eye, and it will help them heal and find physical stamina and willpower. Since Leo is Sun, you can benefit from wearing Tiger Eye Stone. Sagittarians and Pisces can wear the Tiger Eye too.

Generally, if you’re a weak Sun or Mars sign, you can wear Tiger Eye Stone. However, the zodiac signs aren’t the only things that determine if and who can wear the Tiger Eye Stone. There’s also the element of feminine or masculine energies to be considered.

Overall, the gemstone has been shown to enhance masculine energy, and if it’s not what you currently desire, the stone may not be ideal for you. If you feel you need a bit more masculine energy to help balance yourself, the crystal will help.

The Tiger Stone Eye is quite energetic and very active. For this reason, if you’re struggling with insomnia or nightmares, it’s best if you would avoid wearing it. The strong vibrations of the gemstone may worsen your situation.

How to Wear Tiger Eye Stone

As previously noted, Tiger Eye Stone is one of the most beneficial and powerful stones, thanks to its association with the sun. It also has a connection with earth and fire, two elements that bring positive influences on people’s lives and how they react to challenges and emotions.

To embrace these benefits, here are some useful tips:

  • Wear the Tiger Eye on your left hand for courage. It will also lower your stress level and relieve tension. Also, wear it on the left hand if you want success in your business or career prosperity.
  • Wear it on your right hand for protection and to avoid the transfer of negative energies to you.
  • Avoid sleeping with the stone if you discover it disrupts your sleep or career plans, especially if you’re a Capricorn.
  • Place the Tiger’s Eye over each of your chakras for 30 seconds for alignment and to promote self-esteem.


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