Many people are wondering the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The health experts have tried to solve this problem by encouraging people to maintain proper hygiene and keep a social distance. With all these new ways of protecting oneself from the virus, the so-call 0-5-30 formula has been forgotten in the entire process. In recent days, there have been numerous talks on vaccines and treatments that would work wonders, however, no scientific studies have been done to confirm any of these options. Well, let’s now look at the 0-5-30 formula.

What’s About?

The 0-5-30 was first recommended by Alberto Mantovani, a scientific director of the Humanitas Clinical Institute in Milan. He says that people should apply the formula 0-5-30 that helps guard the body against diseases. According to the formula, everyone should incorporate these three-key pillars in their daily life: zero tobacco, five portions of fruits and vegetables each day, and 30 minutes of physical activity daily. The inventor of this formula was looking at different angles to try to understand and come up with a remedy for the new virus. Here is how the formula is applied.

Zero Tobacco

Tobacco causes an inflammatory response in the lungs, which is harmful to the human body plus, it damages the immune system. A weak immune system means that your body will not be able to fight against viruses. Remember that coronavirus is said to affect the respiratory system. Some studies have indicated that the virus is more fatal in smokers. Thus, you’re advised to stay clear of tobacco.

Five Serving of Fruits and Vegetables A Day

We’re all aware of the health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables, so it’s recommended you increase your intake to five times a day. Fruits and vegetables contain some components used to strengthen the immune system. Note that, some experts insist that we follow the Mediterranean diet. Alberto agrees that we should all remember this habit of eating fruits and vegetables five times a day, not only during this period but also post-coronavirus.

30 Minutes of Physical Exercise Daily

Physical exercise constitutes an excellent therapy for our body, minds, and strengthens the immune system. Involve yourself in sports every day but not necessarily for a long time. According to the transalpine researcher, doing daily exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes is important for proper blood flow and strengthening the immune system. Also, you should pay attention to your body weight. According to experts, the adipose tissue has immune cells that tend to behave abnormally if you’re overweight. These cells cause increased inflammation in the body.

Does The 0-5-30 Formula Work

Traditionally, not much was known about various diseases and people practiced secondary prevention. There weren’t many tools to treat various types of illnesses and taking care of patients meant minimizing the impact of any disease they had. Today, there is lots of information on how to prevent the spread of viruses. Even the way doctors practice medicine has changed and the patient themselves have a choice to make. In fact, everyone now is responsible for their well-being and most people are always searching for ways to remain healthy. The lifestyle you live will determine the rate at which you become ill. The food we eat too contributes a big part of how healthy our bodies are.

The 0-5-30 formula has been used on various occasions to showcase the importance of proper diet and exercise. Basically, this formula focusses on strengthening the immune system to help guard the body against illnesses. As per now, experts say that Coronavirus is past the point of containment and they estimate that over 100 million people in the U.S. will eventually be infected. This means that we have to apply all the preventive measures such as wearing a face mask, sanitizing regularly, maintaining a social distance, and following the 0-5-30 formula to avoid contracting the virus.


Note that the people with terminal diseases are struggling in the event they contract Coronavirus because some the virus sticks around in their tissues. Researchers are having a hard time figuring out how long the germ stays alive inside the body which is referred to as viral persistence. If your body’s immune system is high, it might help to fight this viral persistence or guard your body against the Coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re immune to the germ. Following the above three pillars including proper hygiene and sanitization, you might be among the lucky group who will recover after contracting the virus or you might not get it all together.

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