Aromatherapy refers to a range of traditional, alternative, or complementary therapies that incorporates the use of scented essential oils into a massage. Aromatherapy is basically used for relaxation purposes and has other health benefits as well. Various essential oils have been found to promote antimicrobial activity in the body, others have antiviral, nematicidal, antifungal, insecticidal, and antioxidants properties. Aromatherapy entails topical application, massage, and inhalation. However, you should note that natural products also contain harmful toxins, thus you should understand the oil and how to apply it. Never apply undiluted oils directly to the skin, except for lavender. Also, always follow the advice of a trained professional on how to use the oil. Here is why you should try aromatherapy.

Relieving Stress

Aromatherapy has been used for ages to help with body and mind relaxation and also de-stress. A study revealed that aromatherapy helped relieve pain and lower stress levels, specifically lavender scent. Other beneficial essential oils for stress relieving include yang-ylang and jasmine. While rosemary and white basil are said to help with mental clarity.

Using aromatherapy massage is an incredible way to help relieve stress. After a stressful day, try massaging essential oils along the back of your neck. This will refocus your mind and align your body again.

Reduces Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are commonly linked. Using essential oils within aromatherapy help with anxiety. Use an oil burner to burn a few drops of your favorite oil or use a scented candle, which is very helpful when meditating. Cancer Research UK says that patients with cancer turn to aromatherapy to complement conventional treatment. Researchers report that it makes the patients feel happier and capable of coping with the changes happening and some have reported that it reduces their pain and anxiety in the short term. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), aromatherapy helps treat feelings of agitation in those with dementia. It promotes well-being, reduces stress, and encourages relaxation.

Promotes Sleep

If you’re suffering from insomnia, you’re encouraged to try aromatherapy. The calming effect of essential oils prepares our body and mind for a restful sleep. Also, you can burn a relaxing scent or use the essential oils in your evening bath. For a peaceful night’s sleep, add a few drops of lavender, clary sage, or lemongrass on a tissue. Pass the tissue back and forth under your nose. That process helps you to experience the aroma and its benefits better. When you’re done with all those processes, your body should feel relaxed, calm, and ready to sleep.

Reduces Headaches

There are essential oils like clary sage, peppermint, and lavender that are used to relieve pain. Aromatherapy massages have been used for tension headaches since it eliminates tension in the back and shoulders that contributes to the headache. In case of a headache, blend a mixture of lavender, chamomile, and peppermint essential oils and apply them to your temples.

Helps Fight Fatigue and Boost Moods

Aromatherapy is well known to help with relaxation, also it elevates energy levels making you feel alert. Try using menthol and citrus scents to reduce that feeling of fatigue. Also, citrus scent is used to uplift your mood and reduce symptoms of mild depression. Normally, orange and lemon scents can bring back your joyful side. Apply essential oils to your wrist or hands and let them sit there for the whole day. In fact, you can use oils that regulate body temperature like clove or ginger to warm, or mint or lavender to cool. Apply them to the underside of your wrist. Consider applying the oils between your thumb and finger so that you can get the benefit of the scent all day when you move your hands around your face.

Managing Pain

Apart from relieving headaches, aromatherapy can be used to manage chronic pain. Aromatherapy is used alongside other treatments to help in muscle relaxation thus easing the pain in that area. The commonly used type of oil is the clary sage. Additionally, it has been recommended for relieving menstrual pains.


Before using essential oils, do an allergy test on a small area to see how the body reacts. If there’s no allergic response within 48 hours, it should be safe to use. In the case of an allergic response, you should stop using it immediately. Note that, ingesting or swallowing of essentials oils is not recommended. If ingested, essential oils can damage the liver or kidneys. If you decide to visit an aromatherapist, the expert should take you through the pros and cons of using essential oils. Depending on patient needs and preferences, the practitioner may recommend a single oil or a blend.

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