What is an Eco (Environmentally-Friendly) Car?

An eco car is a vehicle that does not emit harmful fumes into the atmosphere because they do not use gasoline, diesel, or any other dangerous fuels. The car engine rather uses other sources of power that are harmless to the environment.

Traditional Cars

Cars have become an essential part of our lives. We use them to cover a lot of our daily activities like taking the kids to school, going to work, shopping, and the like. In a nutshell, cars help us cut through distances faster and therefore saving so much time.

Nevertheless, cars have become a major obstacle when it comes to keeping the air we breathe clean and safe. They have even contributed further to interfering with the atmospheric balance. In short, when you use a diesel or gasoline engine car, you take part in causing global warming. Cars emit gases exhaust fumes that pollute the air and make the environment unhealthy.

The Birth of Environmentally-Friendly Cars

Thanks to modern technology, environmentally friendly cars are here. You may refer to them as eco-friendly cars or green cars as well. Eco-cars help in preserving the environment because they use sustainable fuel resources.

Producing pollutant emissions is not the only reason behind the birth of eco cars. Exhaustion of fuel is another reason. You see, gasoline and diesel are fuels extracted from fossil fuels.

In case you are asking yourself what a fossil fuel is, if you have never heard of it, don’t panic. A fossil fuel is a natural form of fuel that formed in the geological past eons ago, underground from the remains of living organisms. It is usually extracted and transformed into gasoline or diesel.

On that note: this fuel cannot be reused once used because it is natural. That is why someday, we may run out of fuel.

Since fossil fuel is the mother of gasoline and diesel, when they undergo combustion, they produce other gases that in turn destroy the existence of friendly gases like oxygen eventually causing global warming.

Apart from pollution and depletion of fossil fuels, eco cars were invented to protect the ozone layer. In simpler terms, the ozone layer is a cover in the atmosphere that is made of a high concentration of ozone gas. The ozone gas does a distinctively amazing job.

The original rays of the sun can burn a lot on the earth’s surface including your skin, but the ozone layer absorbs the dangerous rays and converts them into the friendly sunshine. Cars that use diesel and gasoline emit harmful gases that damage the ozone layer.

In addition to that, the process in which fossil fuels are converted into diesel and gasoline is unhealthy — situations like oil spills and fire breakouts, kill plants and animals.

Types of Eco-Cars (Sustainable Fuel Resources)

If you are thinking of investing in an eco car, you should know that there many types in which you can choose from. Here is a list of the different types of environmentally friendly cars according to the technology behind their creation.

Electric cars

This type of green car uses electricity to power its motor. An electric car stores enough chemical power in a battery that you can recharge whenever it runs low. With an electric car, you will be able to save a lot of energy than any other car in addition to keeping the environment clean. Their only drawback is that their travel distance is limited to battery charge level.

Hybrid cars

These are unique cars because they use both electric motors and petroleum to power their engines. The best thing about Hybrid cars is that they use less petroleum than other vehicles – meaning, they bring about less pollution. The only disadvantage they have is being expensive in three ways: purchasing price, being eco-friendly, and their running cost.

Hydrogen cars

These cars use hydrogen gas as their power source. This is a struggling invention and it can be a huge success if it pushes through and the cars are made available in abundance because hydrogen is affordable and it will neutralize global warming.

Solar cars

These cars utilize energy from the sun to power their engines. They have solar panels embedded on top as their car covers and have inverters that allow the conversion of the solar energy into electrical energy, which eventually powers their engines. The biggest advantage of solar cars is that they produce absolutely no exhaust fumes. Their biggest flaw is that their travel time is limited to the availability of the sun–the cars can’t move at night or when the sky is cloudy.

To take part in recovering our environment, you may consider beginning using an eco car. Bless today’s world market, they are plenty, you will even be spoilt for choice.

The basic element about green cars I suggest you really consider is the rate at which it produces Carbon dioxide (CO2). That will actually help you determine if the car is genuine. Such information you can get from the car’s descriptive manuals or the assemblies’ website.

You can also do extensive researches about eco cars by visiting blogs or websites of green car experts.

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