Using Vinegar for Weed Control

Many gardeners are frustrated by the number and veracity of weeds. Where your plants seem to die, the weeds thrive. Spraying the weeds with harsh chemicals to maybe kill them is not only risky, but usually unsuccessful; yet most people also don’t look too fondly on the idea of physically picking and destroying weeds manually. Fortunately, there is an easier way to rid your lawn or garden of pesky weeds.

Vinegar for Weed Control

Yes, vinegar can be used to eradicate weeds. No, it is not your typical store-bought vinegar that might be hiding in the back of your cabinet somewhere. What you’ll need for the best results is 20% vinegar, which is much stronger than any other vinegar you have on hand. Maestro-Gro’s Organic Vinegar is one option.

How to Use it

Once you have your 20% vinegar, pour it into a sprayer. You can add a small amount of dish soap to help the solution stick to the weeds and prevent it from just dripping right off. Start spraying your weeds, covering every blade and leaf that is responsible for choking your precious garden (or lawn). You should begin to see the weeds start dying by the end of the day.

Continue to apply the spray solution every day for the next 3-5 days. By the end of a few applications, all of the weeds should be dead and you will be able to easily pick them up and toss those suckers away.

Some Helpful Tips

To really kill the weeds (and to do it quickly) try to apply the solution on a sunny day; this will help the weeds dry up and will expedite the whole process. In addition, if you apply the vinegar and then it rains shortly thereafter (or even worse, you run the sprinklers), consider all your hard work a waste of time. Because vinegar is not waterproof, it will just slide right off the weeds if the application is chased by water.

Also, be prepared to apply this more than once and to do it thoroughly! You cannot be unenthusiastic about the application, and you must be resilient. Especially since this form of weed control is difficult to kill the roots, you will have to be willing to apply this vinegar solution as often as needed, for multiple applications at a time.

Some Qualifiers

While it is definitely recommended that you use 20% vinegar, you can use something as low as 5% vinegar; just be warned that it will probably take more applications. Also, vinegar is not only a weed-killer, it is an all-around plant-killer. This makes vinegar a good option if your garden is gone and has been completely taken over by weeds; utilize this remedy to eradicate the weeds and give your garden a fresh start. You can still use vinegar if your garden is in full bloom, just be sure to keep it away from any plants you might like.

Vinegar is a great alternative to heavy pesticides and is very useful for specific purposes in the garden. It a cheap and relatively safe tool to keep in your weed-fighting arsenal.


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