Incredible Uses for Lemons (Home and Health)

There are tons of life hacks out there that use simple, everyday things to make your life better. From reusing ketchup bottles for pancake mix container to using tennis balls to hold mail, there are a variety of ways to make your day go by smoother. Using fruits can also be effective for your home and your body. Lemons, in particular, are one of the most versatile options.

Uses for Lemons

Below are 15 incredible uses for lemons that benefit your health and your home.

1. Fingernail Restoration

The look and feel of your fingernails after a salon visit is very refreshing. But, weekly visits can become expensive and some of the chemicals used can be damaging. You can use lemon juice and water to bring back some life and shine into your nails. Doing this will also remove any yellowing from them, too.

2. Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is the flaking of dry, dead skin on our scalps. It can be embarrassing for the flakes to fall on our clothes throughout the day or be visible in our hair. Rather than splurging on costly dandruff shampoos, you can use lemons. Simply make a mixture of lemon juice and water and apply it to your scalp daily until the dandruff stops.

3. Disinfectant

When you get a cut, it’s important to sterilize it so that bacteria won’t grow in the wound and make it worse. Rather than using alcohol, lemons provide a natural alternative. You can stop the bleeding and clean the cut with direct application of lemon juice (ouch!).

4. Weed Killer

A well-manicured lawn or garden can bring you joy and the envy of your neighbors. But these areas are prone to weeds popping up and being hard to get rid of. Traditional weed killers are made of toxins that can seep into the ground and affect your water. Lemon juice, however, works just as well and without all the harmful effects.

5. Homemade Deodorant

During warmer temperatures, sweating and body odor becomes more apparent. But mass produced deodorants can cause allergic reactions and are made from hard-to-pronounce chemicals. You can skip the chemicals and use lemon juice instead.

6. Digestive Treatment

Most people know that ginger is great for digestive health and relief but so are lemons. Lemon juice eliminates toxins in your blood and helps to reduce the chances of indigestion. It can also help relieve or prevent constipation.

7. Animal Deterrent

Whether you want to keep your furry family member off the couch or the deer out of your garden, lemons will help you do both. Planting lemon rinds outside will prevent various critters from digging into your yard. For inside, simply spray a little lemon juice on areas you don’t want bothered.

8. Restore a Humidifier

After continued use, a humidifier might start emitting a slightly foul odor. This is caused from the buildup of moisture and heat inside the machine. To fix this, simply add a few teaspoons of lemon juice into the humidifier’s water.

9. General Home Cleaning Agent

There’s a reason that household cleaners tend to come with the option of a lemony scent. Lemons make great tools for cleaning your home. Because of the acidic properties found in lemon juice, lemons can help you get rid of any greasy build up whether on your dishes, bathroom surfaces, oven range or even furniture. You can also use them to revive any discolored utensils you have instead of replacing them.

10. Headache Relief

If you suffer from regular headaches, you’re used to reaching for any number of pills for relief. But doing that over extended periods of time may lead to addiction or even organ failure. Try adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea instead.

11. Breath Freshener

Keeping your breath fresh after heavy, flavorful meals can be tricky if you don’t keep a travel dental set on you. Luckily, you can use lemon juice as a quick and natural mouthwash to get rid of any lingering smells in your mouth.

12. Lessen Salt Use

High sodium levels in foods can lead to a host of illnesses, from high blood pressure to diabetes. Using lemons as a flavor enhancer over salt can help you prevent these.

13. Respiratory Treatment

Many people suffer from breathing problems, whether in short-term discomfort or long-term illnesses like asthma. Drinking lemon water can help reduce mucus blockage and buildup and open your airways, making it easier to breathe.

14. Dry Skin Relief

Flaky dry skin can be both embarrassing but also uncomfortably itchy. You can use lemon juice to make a paste in order to not only get itch relief but also start repairing your damaged skin.

15. Clean Fruits and Vegetables

These days, most produce is sprayed multiple times with various pesticides before they reach your grocer. Some are okay but probably nothing you want to eat. So before you eat your produce, spray them with fresh lemon juice and baking soda.


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