cat orange lickingThe main reason why most pet owners spay and neuter their pets is to control their population. This can be a controversial and sensitive topic due to the myths out there against neutering pets. However, these myths aren’t necessarily the truth. They are just propaganda meant to deter you from doing what is good for your pet. It’s important to follow facts or your veterinarian opinions when it comes to health issues of your pet. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to care for and maintain your pet’s good health. If you haven’t thought of spaying and neutering your pet, then below are the top six reasons why you should.

It Helps Keep to Your Pet Healthy

Spaying and neutering your pet can be the best thing you will ever do for your pets concerning their well-being. According to a study, 25% of non-sprayed female dogs develop breast or mammary cancer which is very fatal. Furthermore, spraying protects your pet from a uterine infection. Spaying and neutering are effective before the first heat. If the dog is past two years of age, then spaying might not work. But it protects it against other conditions like pyometra. In male dogs, spaying and neutering can prevent them from developing prostate or testicular cancer. Your pet will be able to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

It Prevents Pets’ Homelessness

A male dog under heat will do just about anything to look for a female partner. You should have it spayed and neutered to avoid uncontrolled movement around the neighborhood. This could leave your pet homeless or risk being run over by vehicles. Plus, the unplanned litters may end up homeless too. It’s important to plan your pets’ population to avoid those unwanted litters from being adopted by shelters where they are not well-taken care off. You might also feel lonely when your furry friend isn’t around to play with.

Helps Your Pet Become Better Housemates

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Spayed and neutered pets are much nicer to live with because they pay attention to their human friends. Un-neutered dogs tend to be notorious, aggressive and territorial by spraying strong-smelling urine all over the house. Additionally, you’re spared the trouble of having to deal with your neighbors’ pets coming to your home due to attraction from your pet. Vet advises you neuter your pet while young so that it can adopt the required behaviors early.

You Cut back on Expenses

Spaying and neutering make your life economical since you only provide for one or two pets rather than a group of them. Small kittens and puppies require more attention and care which can be expensive in the long run. According to Animal Foundation, finding a home that is willing to take care of even the cutest puppies can be challenging. You can find spaying and neutering services at a low cost in the Neuter clinic which is much less compared to caring for a couple of them.

Controls Genetic Condition

There are so many genetic diseases in pets that can be passed on to their young ones. Spaying and neutering your female dog can prevent the transfer of diseases such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, and eye condition. When these genes are suppressed, you are assured of healthy litters, which also minimizes the cost of taking of them.

You Live Better in That Community

Stray dogs can cause harm to humans through bites. If a dog comes to your home, you might be tempted to chase it away and as a reaction, it can attack you resulting in unpleasant conflict with the owner. This can draw you the two of you apart as neighbors. Spayed and neutered dogs stay at their homes posing no harm to anyone. Furthermore, the number of street pets is reduced even more.


Spaying and neutering pets have proven to have a more positive impact compared to negative impacts. It’s advisable to discuss the details of the process with your vet to become fully aware of your choices. Note that if your dog is undergoing heat cycle, it becomes hard to deal with it until the phase passes. This can be a hectic period which could be avoided if you simply spayed and neutered your dog. Others use the myth that their dog will become “fat” after spaying and neutering as an excuse to avoid the entire process. There is no truth to this matter. Overweight is caused by lack of exercise, an underlying medical condition and overfeeding your pet. Monitoring your pets’ food intake ensures they are healthy and fit.

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