Top 3 Dog Health Resources

Dog care is of high importance to those who have a beloved pet of their own.  Many books have been written on the subject of holistic pet care, however, there are few that have established themselves as must-haves. As you care for your dog, it’s extremely important to know what to do and how to handle certain situations.

Natural Dog Health Books

The following books and the monthly journal offer a wide range of advice on common dog care topics and delve deeper into handling problems that range from minor to severe.

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1. Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide: Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Pitcairn is well-known as an educated and experienced holistic veterinarian.  Dr. Pitcairn and his wife, Susan Pitcairn, M.S., released this thoroughly comprehensive, 466-page guide to natural health for dogs and cats. Susan co-authored the book and completed the ‘quick reference’ section on animal illnesses. The quick reference section is set up alphabetically, and for each illness, they’ve included descriptions, prevention techniques, and holistic treatments.

Excellent information! All my pets are young and healthy now, but I sure want to keep them healthy. I couldn’t financially afford to feed them all the diets that are recommended, but I can afford the Healthy Powder and use that. Great book to expand your perspective on health care for your 4 legged family members. It is a keeper, and a reference I use. —

On top of the detailed reference section, you can find the latest fresh recipes for dog food that’s known to encourage pet health and special diets for any pet that needs it. Dr. Pitcairn explains the value of exercise for a dog, and how important it is to make sure you exercise your pet regularly. He provides natural remedies for common illnesses, as well as alternatives from herbs, homeopathy and wholesome foods. Keep it on hand for its wealth in first aid tips, and learn how to choose a healthy dog or cat.

2. Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care for Dogs and Cats

The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care provides everything you need to know about caring for and treating common animal illnesses. You can easily flip through the book to find information on whatever topic you need, along with photos and natural treatment solutions. This makes the book pretty reader friendly, and simple to use. It offers an interesting, A-Z guide on topics ranging from choosing a new pet, emergency first-aid techniques, training techniques, interviews with known veterinarians, suggestions for diets and a thorough overview of supplements and how they work with holistic remedies.

This book is a wonderful reference book for all pet medical needs. It helps when your vet is not readily available (weekends). It describes many illnesses and conditions, what you can do to help keep your pet healthy. —

One of the “must-haves” of the pet health dog book world, The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care offers a wealth of information at your fingertip. Any pet owner would benefit from the use of this book.

3. Natural Dog Care Monthly Newsletter

The Whole Dog Journal releases a monthly magazine that features a variety of dog care articles, though it focuses primarily on natural and holistic health alternatives for pets. The WDJ publishes their magazine with one goal: aiding dog owners to care for their dog’s happiness, health, and longevity. One edition may teach you the troubles with urine marking, the benefits to canine rehab and conditioning, and current events on canine health and news. Those with new puppies can learn to teach them, how to train them, and even how to play fetch. Older dogs aren’t forgotten — there is a section on caring for the problems that can arise from aging.

This is by far the best book I have ever read regarding dogs – and I have read many of them!!! I had high hopes for it to begin with, considering my respect of The Whole Dog Journal, but it really exceeded my wildest expectations! It covers in detail just about every question a dog parent might have, whether it’s related to basic housetraining, food (what to avoid and how to read the labels, or how to make your own) and herbal supplements, obedience and “fun tricks”, health issues (including allergies, arthritis and cancer), and so much more.

I was especially impressed with the health part: it doesn’t just describe the symptoms like most other books out there but actually explains what to do about it, and what kind of conventional (surgery, chemo…) and alternative options (herbs, acupuncture, etc.) can be considered. It explains everything in a very easily understandable language – not boring or technical or new-age’i at all! – why the holistic approach along with healthy food, positive training and illness prevention is the way to go.

I found this book so interesting, educational and entertaining that I couldn’t put it down! It’s a MUST READ for everyone who already lives with a dog or is thinking about getting one, whether a first-time or experienced owner. Thank you, WDJ! —Kairus

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