Falling asleep during summer can be somehow tricky. This time of the year happens to be the hottest and all you can do is toss, turn, sweat and curse the weather. The Journal of Physiological Anthropology stated in one of their articles that hot weather disrupts one’s slow wave and REM cycle meaning your sleep is suffering. Making an effort to fix the problem should be your number one priority. We’ve outlined plenty of ways to make it easier to sleep through the summer night, even when it’s unseasonably hot. Everyone often turns to air conditioning in their dwellings when the weather is very hot. Unfortunately, with extreme heat waves, electrical power often goes down due to increased demand, thus you need to look for other options to keep you cool at night. Below are tips for better sleep in the summer.

Take a Hot Shower Before Bed

Hot shower when it’s practically boiling outside seems to be the worst advice you can give to someone, but this is exactly what you need to help you fall asleep on a hot summer night. Research published in Sleep says that a drop in body temperature before bed can be a physiological trigger for falling asleep.

Therefore, a boost in body temperature with a hot shower helps jumpstart that reaction. Don’t take too long in the shower especially if it’s near your bedroom because too much heat can worsen your room’s condition. Also, hot shower for too long can cause itching and dry skin.

Keep The Windows Open

The hot summer weather can lure you into leaving the air conditioner running all night long. However, the circulation of dry air from this tool causes irritation to your skin and the mucous membranes in the nose making your more prone to flare-ups, sore throats and dry nose. Hence, rather than relying fully on air conditioning, open your windows instead. Opening the windows allows natural circulation of air that will cool your room faster enabling you to get a peaceful night sleep. Those suffering from hayfever might see this as a recipe for disaster, but the pollen count is generally lower at night and shouldn’t be a reason to worry about.

Allow Your Skin to Breathe

Sleeping with fluffy pajamas during summer isn’t recommended since it will raise your body temperature resulting in a sleepless night. However, don’t sleep fully naked either because it will keep the sweat trapped around the body preventing you from cooling down properly. Therefore, opting for more breathable fabrics like silk or cotton is more suitable which shouldn’t be limited to nightwear only. Your bedsheets too need to be cotton or linen and lighter colors because darker colors tend to absorb sunlight, trapping heat.

Practice Pranayama

All cool down exercises during summer shouldn’t be physical. Pranayama doesn’t require much effort, it’s effective and is similar to a cooling breathing pattern known in yoga as sitali pranayama. To practice, sit with your head, neck, and spine in alignment and open your mouth in an O shape. Roll your tongue into a tube-like shape and stick it through the opening in your lips. Breath in slowly through the mouth as if you’re drinking through a straw. Cover your mouth and exhale through the nostrils. Repeat the process for five minutes, you will be surprised how cooler you will feel.

Bring Cooling Tools to The Bedroom

Whether it’s summertime or wintertime, you need to adjust accordingly. For summer cooling, you should fill your hot water bottle with water in the morning and place it in the freezer. By the time you’re ready for a night sleep, you will have a chilled ice pack to cool your feet as you sleep.

Be Consistent on Bedtime

To most, summertime means a laxer schedule: people take vacations, some companies offer half-day “summer Fridays” and generally, there is more going on at nights and over the weekend. You might be tempted to stay up late and sleep in when you get a chance, if this turns into a habit you risk messing up your sleep patterns. We recommend you to maintain a regular sleep schedule that doesn’t vary too much from day to day. However, it’s normal for the schedule to shift a little bit during summer especially since the kids aren’t waking up super early for school or you’re not going to work the next day. If this is the case, staying up late once in a while is fine but it shouldn’t be a regular thing.


Summer nights may be romantic, but summer bedtime is better when spent alone. The weather is already heated up and having someone else next to you makes things worse. Your main aim is to have a cool night for better sleep. Convince your partner to spend the night in a separate bed to avoid warming each other. You don’t have to necessarily invest a fortune on the air conditioners because the above tips will help you cool down easily. Also, drink plenty of fluids since you’re losing a lot of water through sweating.

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