The Patent That Could Eradicate GMO Production

November 24, 2015

It is no secret that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are bad for you, and many people are fed up with big companies like Monsanto that continue to produce GMOs and put them on our grocery store shelves. However, while many people wish things would change, they feel too small or insignificant to really go up against a giant like Monsanto and challenge the production of GMOs. Paul Stamets, however, might just have the power to change all of that.

An unconventional mycologist, Mr. Stamets was granted a patent nearly a decade ago, one that may change the way we farm forever. His patent has the ability to permanently damage the pesticide industry, which is why this industry is trying hard to keep it all hush-hush.

The Patent

What his patent is, is essentially a “natural” pesticide, one that is chemical-free and uses natural ecology to improve crop production. Called a biopesticide, this solution is safe and effective for controlling thousands of insects.

Utilizing the magic of the mushroom, Paul Stamets has harnessed the fungi to destroy crop-eating insects. His patent includes a mechanism that will draw the pests to a “trap,” where they then consume the mushroom fungi that will lead to their own demise.

If Mr. Stamets is successful in mass-producing his invention, this could change the way food is farmed for good. There will no longer be a need for harmful chemicals, pesticides, or genetically-modified foods. This is especially good news considering the harmful side effects that come with growing and consuming GMOs.

First of all, GMOs harm the planet and disrupt natural ecosystems. They also increase pollution and cause genetic damage to plants and animals that consume water runoff of GMO crops.

GMO Dangers

GMOs are also very bad for humans. Ingesting Genetically Modified Organisms can cause increased food allergies, a resistance to antibiotics, a reduction in your body’s ability to process nutrients, and possibly even damage to hormones and reproductive organs.

Studies suggest that some GMOs also produce toxins at a higher rate than non-genetically modified organisms, which is bad news for anyone or anything that ingests a genetically modified organism. GMOs are also suspected to be linked to certain types of cancer and some birth defects.

Although the big corporations are trying earnestly to stop Paul Stamets from being successful, there are a lot of people that support Paul’s invention and his efforts. The hope is that Mr. Stamets can get his patent into commercial production within the next decade or so. This would not only improve the health of our farmed foods and environment, but would also make farming cheaper as well.

For more information on Paul Stamets’ patent and how it can be used, watch the video below.


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  • Image: Chronicle/ Frederic Larson


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