The Benefits of Using Solar Lights Around the Home

Solar is the new craze these days, and with the costs of energy only rising, it certainly sounds like a good idea to many. However, is solar really as easy and useful as everyone says? Turns out, yes, it is. Solar lights work by capturing the energy of the sun and releasing that energy in the form of light when you flip a switch. Of course solar energy is used inside the use in various ways, but solar lights are also useful for various reasons outside.

Solar Lights Outside the House

You can use decorative solar lights or solar path lights to light your walkway, driveway, or just to give your backyard a romantic glow. These can also be placed in the garden or hung on strings and placed on a trellis or over your outdoor seating.

Solar powered spotlights are also an eco-friendly option to light your driveway or other areas. The brightest solar lights, and therefore the best for spotlights, are called task lights and can provide light equivalent to a 40-watt bulb. If desired, you can have two or three solar lights to intensify the spotlight.

It’s All About The Hue

Most solar-powered lights used LED bulbs, making the light that they give off a bright white (as compared to a dull white/yellow of traditional bulbs). If you do like the look of the more traditional (incandescent) bulbs better, look for solar lights with tinted covers. Usually the terms “amber” or “soft white” will be on the label.

You Get What You Pay For

The intensity of, and therefore the brightness of, a solar light will depend of course on the quality, but also on the brightness of the sun and for how long the bulb is exposed to the sun every day. The higher priced solar lights do usually tend to cost more, but that is because they are usually bigger (which means they absorb more sun) and brighter.

Solar lighting is an excellent option around the house. Not only will it reduce your energy bill, but it will reduce waste and pollution of the environment. By capturing energy that is literally just hanging out in our atmosphere, solar takes a good thing and makes it even better.

Switching to solar outside is easy, and can be as simple as purchasing a set of outdoor solar stringed lights, a solar porch light, and even solar walkway lights. No matter where you live, solar lighting can be used to make your house not only more stylish, but more eco-friendly as well.

Image credit: Eli Duke/Flickr


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