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Training your cat to use the toilet sounds very convenient compared to emptying that smelly litter box or scooping the poop from the floor. However, toilet training isn’t as simple as it seems. You need to fully understand the downsides of toilet training before you jump into it. The cat itself might become stressed and frustrated by the entire process of training not forgetting how stressful it can be on your side too. What’s more, as a result of this stress, it can trigger episodes of urinary straining that makeup FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) in a cat. The cat might view this process as an unnatural manner of eliminating waste. Don’t ditch that litter box before you look at toilet training from cat’s eye view. With this information, you will be able to decide if you should teach your cat to use the toilet or not.

Cat Toileting Behavior

Cats are very sensitive with what they excrete thus they try not to advertise their presence by hiding their toilets. They feel vulnerable relieving themselves in an open place and so they prefer a hidden location where they’re safe. Toilets are mostly located in an exposed area which might be busy at times hence your cats get stressed and unable to use the toilet during this time. Additionally, each cat likes to have their own toilet. So, if you plan on toilet training your cat then you should get a separate toilet for that cat. Sometimes if the cat feels that its presence isn’t been acknowledged, it ends up establishing territorial ownership by spraying urine and feces around.

Why Litter Trays to Toilet Training

There are several reasons why you should let your cat use trays instead of the toilet. Plus, the litter box is easier to deal with compared to the toilet because you’re required to disinfect it regularly. Below are some of these reasons.

1. Monitor Cat’s Health

You should be able to know what your cat is passing. Regular wet patches are a sign of good health. By letting your cat use the toilet you wouldn’t know instantly if your cat is constipating or passing blood. With the tray, you are alerted sooner when things aren’t right.

2. You Can Have Multiple Trays

In a household with more than one cat, it becomes stressful for them to share a toilet due to the territorial nature of the cat. You should have the same number of trays as the cats. Furthermore, the location of the toilet matters too. Cats require a nice, quiet and safer place away from disruptions.

3. Trays Are Comfortable for the Cat

It’s hard for the cat to balance on the edge of the toilet seat while eliminating. Most cats might manage to do so but when it grows older its ability to hold a strained posture and even jumping up and down may become difficult. Even worse, your cat might slip and break its leg creating additional problems.

4. Tray Can Help Control the Smell

The main reason cat owners want to get rid of trays is their smell. However, you can easily dispose of that stinky litter box but you wouldn’t get rid of a toilet. Cats have the habit of covering their waste which is simple with litter box since they will just kick the lid and it closes. But for a toilet, you must leave the lid open and a cat can’t be able to close it. Additionally, if you aren’t around to flush the toilet then the entire house will begin to stink.

5. Trays Provide Better Hygiene

If you leave your toilet lid open, then the chances are you flush with the lid up. This isn’t hygienic because whizzing water creates a considerable aerosol of water droplets contaminated with bacteria that are much better kept under wrap.


The question you should be asking yourself before you start toilet training your cat is whether it’s the right thing to do. Yes, it’s possible to train a cat but will you be able to deal with the consequences. If you feel like you can handle all that comes with your cat using the toilet, then go ahead and train it. Otherwise be informed first to avoid unwanted issues. Be careful because changing our cat’s habit could cause considerable stress to both parties. Remember if your cat is comfortable with the litter box, then they are no need to toilet train which can be challenging especially if you can do simple things like scooping and emptying the poop.

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