Despite everything wrong with the world, 2021 will go down in history as the year nails ruled supreme. From pearlescent and periwinkle shades to uber-cool nail art inspired by Euphoria to animals prints and stained-glass art, you can bet 2022 spring nail trends will be more than captivating. Nail art has been evolving over the years, and the trends in designs have advanced a great deal. There are a few fun, and exciting fresh new looks that artists, industry pros, and creatives predict will be trendy this coming spring. To find the inspiration on the best spring nail ideas and trends for 2022, scroll through this report below.

Gray Nails

Gray nails have been trending for a few seasons but come spring 2022, things will lighten up a bit. Think a super soft gray that’s almost white or silver.

Another amazing idea is the “gray-dient” nail – try using a different shade of gray polish from the same family on each nail. This will create a chic, modern, and cool design.

Nail Polishes to try: Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Fluert, Tenoverten Nail Polish in Dover

Retro Nails as Spring Nail ideas and Trends for 2022

The ‘90s-inspired nail art is all the rage when it comes to spring nail trends and colors. From deep vampy reds to light blues and pale pinks to intense sparkles adorned with cute art. The best part is that there’s no limit to the design you want.

Remember gold butterflies of the ‘90s icon Mariah Carey? They’ve resurfaced. This is your chance to choose simple nail art that celebrates the things you love. To get the nail art you adore, you can use nail stickers or if you feel “artsy”, use a thin brush to paint your favorite motif onto one or all your nails!

Powdery Pastel

Pastels are always a spring staple. This season, try softer and more ethereal shades. Or, you could try updating the season’s classic pink with a quartz-inspired hue. 

Tip: Gel will appear more opaque, while regular polish will look more translucent.

Green Nails

People have been obsessing over verdant shades of green, for good reason. It signals the change of seasons, and in the run-up to spring, it makes perfect sense. Green also happens to be a major spring runway trend.

Hot Red

According to Mia Rubie, Nail Artist and Founder of Sparkle SF Salon, “A clean, bold-colored manicure – like hot red or pink – brings a sense of vibrancy back to people’s lives.” 

Considering we’ve been living through some tough times recently, donning shiny, sparkly little works of nail art on your fingertips is a reminder of who you are: an amazing individual carrying on with life, enjoying the little luxuries of pretty nails, even on the hard days. 

Combo Art

Combining different art on every nail is a popular trend we expect to see a lot this spring. It features fun colors and pattern combos, and you can use nail decals, hand-printed art, or press-ons, all in the same manicure.

The best thing about combo art nails is that the options are endless, allowing people to let loose with their creativity.

Holographic Shades

Ever thought of donning your nails with holographic shades that play with light to offer teases of color? Well, this spring, put aside those heavy greens and blues of winter and fall for spring holos, which are lighter and don’t overwhelm your manicure.

You can use these gorgeous holographic shades as a top coat on accent nails or on all your nails.

Luxurious Textures as Spring Nail Ideas and Trends for 2022

One of the hottest spring nail ideas and trends for 2022 involves deeper, richer finishes that provide the sparkle or shimmer, just the way you envisioned. Simone I. Smith (Mrs. LL Cool J), the founder of S.I.S Luxe Lacquer, says that she created a new line of polishes with luxurious textures and finishes because she couldn’t find a nail polish that offers the chrome or shimmer the way she wanted.

She’s particularly fond of the effect with purple polish. With the right shade, you’ll find the right-reflecting elements that will bedazzle your fingers.


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