Spring season is here and it’s never too late to shop for the newest trends in the market. Thanks to designers, who not only showcase their creativity and innovation with trendy clothes, but also bless us with opportunities to step out in style with fashion trends suited for every season. When shopping for spring clothes, you should find out which brilliant colors you’re going to buy that will bring a splash in your wardrobe. Knowledge is key, and in this article, we share tips that will empower you with information on spring fashion trends to buy in 2020.

Crochet Midi Dress

Crochet clothes aren’t a new thing in the market, but now they have updated the idea of crochet dresses this spring. The dress has been polished from the old handmade crochet to modern elegant eveningwear. Basically, this fashion trend has been passed down generation after generation, which is something the fashion industry should do more – putting a spin to the treasured family heirloom and giving it that modern taste, so that it lasts forever shows creativity and appreciation for the fashion designers in the old days.

Crochet dresses aren’t only worn to the beach, but can also be worn on the streets.

Mega Bags

We’re back to the days when we had those big fashionable bags that could fit your makeup kit, laptop, and a water bottle. We’ve all enjoyed the long reign of the beautiful shrinking bags, including styles so tiny that were worn just for show. The designers are now tracing back to the pragmatic trendy fashion style that suits every age and can accommodate a little more than just your phone. And as they say, the bigger the bag, the more you can carry. Who doesn’t what to have all their belongings under one bag?

Polka Dots

The new 2020 Polka dots fashion trend is now more streamlined than ever, and it won’t be surprising to see the quirky pattern on sheer maxi dresses, sleek silk bias-cut skirts, and simple tanks. The creativity in this trend shows no signs of slowing down. You can opt for enlarged polka dots prints which can found on both skirts and dresses. Also, you can go for a graphic dot print dress that can be worn for a spring wedding.

Bermuda Shorts

Everyone thought the biker shorts were everything until Bermuda shorts hit the streets. Bermuda shorts are available in all materials, from silk to leather to denim, adding a sophisticated kind of trend in this spring season. The shorts have a high-rise waist, and the colors are bright for spring, which will definitely lift your mood. Interestingly, the Bermuda shorts can go with any pair of shoes from strappy heels to ankle boots to knee high-silhouettes.

Tiered Skirts

Everyone knows that gala gowns are meant for black tie events, and it has been this way for the longest time. However, this year, this trendy design has taken a new turn, and it’s ready to hit the market as spring wear. They have introduced light tiered dresses for 2020 spring fashion, and many people are in for the idea. The dresses are comfortable and come in pink, black and white. Not only is this tiered style available in dresses, but you can buy skirts with the same style too. The skirts are maxi, which means they can be worn to a formal event or as casual wear if worn with a bra top and sandals.

Warm Weather Leather

Leather clothes can be classified as all year round wears. But for 2020 spring trendy fashion, they have designed new leather clothes that can be worn even when the weather is a bit hot. They range from blazers to trousers to maxi skirts. In fact, you can find a knotted faux leather tapered pants, isn’t that cool?

Bra Tops

Bra tops may take up very minimal fabric, but that doesn’t make them not count as a spring fashion. These bras have been screaming “wear me” since their début. From knit to snakeskin to sheer, the bra tops have officially joined the list of trendy 2020 spring wears. What’s more, they can match with any bottom of your choosing, be it leather pants or skirt, Bermuda shorts or just a maxi skirt. Plus, they come in all textures and styles. In fact, wearing a high-waisted skirt with a bra top could be your perfect spring wedding wear.

Feathered Tops

Most people go for a black official dress for an evening date out, but this isn’t the only go-to fashion dress. During spring, wearing a feathered top with a skinny skirt would make a perfect combination. If you’re not locked to the black-tie look for all events, give your style a bit of edge with a glam feathered top.

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