When you’re anxious, you experience a feeling of being stuck and unsure of how to get better. In most cases, you end up doing things that fuel your anxiety. Moreover, getting nervous about an important event or a life change is considered normal. However, allowing the fear to escalate can cause anxiety disorder which ranges from a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to a panic disorder. GAD can be intense and at times you might be unable to control it while a panic attack is characterized by sudden episodes of fear, trembling, heart palpitations, shaking or sweating. Anxiety disorder can be managed through talk therapy or medications. But before you start those medications, you need to learn these simple tricks to help reduce anxiety.

Taking Deep Breaths

Whenever you get anxious, you need to take a deep breath. Practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing can be powerful at reducing anxiety since it activates the body’s relaxation response. It makes the body move from fight response to the relaxed response.

Focus on exhaling and inhaling which slows down and re-centers your mind. Allow the air into your belly then your chest and gently hold your breath for some seconds before releasing it.

Go for a Walk

We all appreciate nature and its work. Studies show that students who spend two nights in a forest have lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Spending time outside at a quiet place has been seen to reduce inflammation, fatigue, fight depression and anxiety. Another study found that outdoors decreased levels of anxiety and bad mood. Plus, a walk helps to stimulate your brain and releases endorphins. Remember don’t be engaged to your phone while trying to relax your mind and body. In fact, you should keep it in the pocket or leave it at home and soak up the smell and sounds of nature peacefully.

Stand Straight Up

The author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, Tamar Chansky says that when we are anxious, we protect our upper body, where our heart and lungs are located, by hunching over. To experience immediate anxiety relieve, pull your shoulder back, plant your feet widely apart and open your chest. Then take a deep breath. A combination of this posture and deep breathing allows your body to take control and realize that it’s not in any danger at the moment. In case of an anxiety attack while in a car, just pull your shoulders back and get support from the seat, and then open your chest and breathe deeply. The main focus is to stop hunching and breathe deeply.


Meditation is a mindful practice that trains the brain to stay in the moment and avoid any worrying feelings or concerns. Think of it as a way of disconnecting your brain from negative thoughts and emotions and finding a balance within your body. When meditating, you should silence your mind by stretching, breathing slowly and deeply, and directing your mind on one thought or idea for a period of time.

Question Your Thoughts

The obvious thing to do when you’re anxious is to begin forming all sorts of unreasonable ideas in the brain which are unlikely to occur. These thoughts make your situation even worse since you’re already anxious. When you’re caught up in such a situation, you should ask yourself if the worry is realistic or if what you’re imagining is really happening. At some point, you will realize that your mind is playing tricks on you. Then you should be able to pull your body out of that situation.

Accept Your Situation

Since anxiety is just a feeling like any other, accepting that you’re anxious and then reminding yourself that it’s simply an emotional reaction, can help you to take control of it. Trying to eliminate the anxiety without first accepting it can worsen the condition. However, accepting your anxiety episode doesn’t necessarily mean you have to like it or resign yourself to a miserable existence. It simply implies that you’re accepting the reality as it is at that moment.


Frequently, we come up with thoughts that produce stress or anxiety. That’s the world we live in and at some point this is inevitable. Think of the ways you try to resolve such issues whenever you’re faced with them. The same applies to anxiety because when you’re anxious, you try to create a world that doesn’t exist. Finding a way to get rid of anxious thoughts and feelings might be just what you’re looking for. So next time when you freak out, calm your brain, relax your body and focus on the moment. Otherwise, if none of the above tricks work for you, you should see a psychotherapist for extra help.

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