Making your home, apartment or an office room smell good is sometimes a good decision. A simple room that smells good promotes positive thinking and can have a positive impact on work performance. It makes sense when someone spends thousands of dollars on scents sprays for a fresh smelling space. These Simple DIY air fresheners are cheap but can leave the house or office smelling great and can be made using simple tools and ingredients while at home.

Lemon and Rosemary Simmer Pot

This is a simple concoction that requires simple tools and ingredients to make. When making a lemon and rosemary simmer pot, you need to have a stockpot, water, rosemary, a lemon and some vanilla extract. You need to fill the stockpot three-quarters full of water and add one sliced lemon and some sprigs of rosemary. Add a half teaspoonful of vanilla and allow the mixture to simmer all day. The mixture can give your room a heavenly scent for up to two days.

Scented Wood Blocks

Just like other DIY air fresheners, making a scented wood block is easy. You only need to have woodblocks, scented oil as well as small paint brushes. Make sure the wood blocks are covered with the scented oil or the perfume. Also, you can consider placing them in a closed container with some extra oil. Shake the mixture to ensure that the wood blocks are coated. Ensure that the woodblocks stay in the closed container with extra oil overnight to ensure that enough absorption has taken place.

Orange Peel Candles

You may think that oranges are only for eating until you discover the great scent they can make while used to make a simple DIY air freshener. You can come up with some simple candles from the oranges rather than wasting them. Making orange peel candles requires an orange, a knife and some oil. In this case, canola or vegetable oil is acceptable. Split the orange into two equal halves and make the peel lose. Scrape out the interior of the orange until the inside looks nice and clean.

Fill the orange peel with three-quarters of water and add some oil on top of the water for half an hour so that the stem of the orange gets some time to absorb the oil. After 30 minutes, you can light the orange by holding the lighter to the stem for about two or three minutes. Ensure the stem is black or brown. Again light the stem for some few seconds until you hear some crackling while the flame launches on its own.

Gel Air Freshener

DIY Gel air Fresheners can suit you if you hate open flame in your home. When making Gel Air Freshener, you need to have heatproof jars, food coloring, at least four packets of unflavored gelatin, some essential oils as well as some salt. Ensure that the jars are clean then add roughly thirty drops of essential oil while also adding some drops of food coloring. Pour the gelatin packets into a pot of boiled water while still whisking. This makes sure that the mixture does not clump up. Once the mixture dissolves, add a cup of cold water with a teaspoonful of salt while still stirring. Finally, dispense the mixture into the prepared jars. Just like for scented wood blocks, let the gel rest overnight.


Preparing a scented solution is not a difficult task for anyone who likes to have a good scent in his or her home. You only require some simple tools and ingredients to transform the aroma of your whole house. The only decision to make is which simple air fresheners to make as they all have such wonderful natural scents.

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