13 Signs Of A Parasite Infection And How To Expel Them From Your System

Many of us could be walking around with a parasite infection and not even know it. These parasites are very sneaky, and don’t leave too many signs until it gets really bad. They are relatively harmless until they go off track of their “jobs” and infect our bodies, feeding off waste and toxins. Here are some important signs that will help you identify if you are infected by a parasite, as well as tips on eradicating these bugs out of your body.

Signs of a Parasite Infection

  1. Mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, and irritability.
  2. Craving of processed and/or sugary foods
  3. Iron deficiency; this can be proven by a blood test, but is often accompanied with fatigue, weakness, and lack of color
  4. Skin reactions, such as hives, rashes, weeping eczema, or sores
  5. Recurring yeast infections
  6. Bleeding gums
  7. Frequent headaches
  8. Food allergies or sensitivities
  9. Loss of appetite
  10. Chronic fatigue
  11. Stiff joints
  12. Disrupted appetite (either loss of or a heightening of)
  13. Memory problems

What You Can Do

You could possibly be identifying with one or more of these symptoms and be suspecting a parasite infection. The question then is, now what do I do?

Step 1

First of all, you should get an accurate stool test to confirm your suspicions. If it’s confirmed that you are infected by a parasite, the first thing you’ll need to do is change your diet. These parasites are living off of the “junk” in your system, and the more trash you put in the longer they will thrive.

The best way then to starve these parasites is by performing a fast. Based on your lifestyle, dietary needs, and preferences find one that works best for you, but an all-natural juice fast is usually a safe bet.

Step 2

Using the right herbs will help you put the nail in the casket of these parasites. Slippery elm, chickweed, wormwood, black walnut, clove, rhubarb, and psyllium are some commonly used herbs for parasite infections. Because you will need to use these herbs long-term (at least a couple of months) to completely eradicate the parasites and all of their offspring. Choose herbs that are easy to incorporate into your diet so that you will use them on a regular basis.

You also need to keep your body well-hydrated and alkaline.

Preventing Future Infections

The easiest way to get rid of an infection is to avoid it in the first place. As previously mentioned, these parasites go of course and wreak havoc on the body when there is ample waste for them to munch on.

By eating a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in vegetables, herbs, and spices you will make it much harder for parasites to thrive in your body. Also, be sure to drink water consistently and always keep your body hydrated.

You should also stay away from processed foods as much as possible; this includes not only fast foods, but also many restaurant meals high in MSG and other preservatives, as well as most frozen meals.

A healthy diet and lifestyle will lead to a healthy body on the inside, and this does not make for an environment welcoming to parasites.


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