Severe Stress Could Be The Culprit If You're Experiencing These Symptoms

Everybody knows that stress isn’t exactly a good thing, yet we all seem to just accept is as a normal part of life. It may be time for a wake up call, however, because studies are showing that constant, severe stress can truly wreak havoc on your health. Take a look at some of the symptoms below and if you can relate to any of them, then stress plays too big of a role in your life.

1. Trouble Sleeping

It’s a no-brainer that when you’re stressing about something, it’s difficult to fall asleep. However, if it’s more than just a wandering mind at night and you’re suffering from restless sleep, or waking up frequently in the middle of the night, you’re likely more stressed than you realize. Meditation is one of the best ways to effectively deal with sleep-affecting stress.

2. Losing Your Hair

If you are inexplicably losing hair you’re probably overstressed. Stress messes with the body’s hormones, and it often disrupts our diets as well, two factors that can lead to otherwise—unexplained hair loss.

3. Mood Swings

If you are experiencing frequent mood swings that you seem to have no control over, it is probably a knee-jerk reaction to your body being overstressed. Again, excessive stress messes with your hormones, which can cause these massive shifts in mood.

4. Unexplained Weight Gain or Loss

Being overstressed will often lead to a noticeable change in weight. This is also tied predominantly to the hormones that are affected by excessive stress, which then mess with the other systems in your body, such as your pancreas and your metabolism.

5. Stress Causes Body Pain

If you are experiencing pain throughout the body and can’t understand why, your severe stress is likely the culprit. Stress can cause indigestion and other stomach issues, intense headaches, joint pain, and even breathing difficulty. Low-impact exercise is a great way to address and reduce both the pain as well as your stress.

6. Restlessness

Are you having trouble sitting still? Can’t stop from fidgeting?  You’re probably overstressed and didn’t even realize it. Your mind is constantly dealing with the root of your stress, either consciously or subconsciously, which translates to this inability to sit still.

7. Reduced Libido

Your libido is one of the first things to go out when the window when you’re feeling stressed. If you’re never in the mood anymore and the mere thought of coitus makes you cringe, you may very well be overstressed. Try to get to the root of the problem and find out what it is that’s stressing you out, for the sake of yourself and your relationship.

Final Words:

Clearly, stress is more than just feeling frazzled or overly busy, and it can have some serious implications for your health. If you believe that you are overstressed, you need to start putting your health first right away. Start eating a healthy and well-balanced diet with very few (or no) processed foods.

Also, be sure to work out consistently, and try to do so outside as much as possible. A mindfulness exercise, such as meditation, will also help. Above all, get to the root of what it is that’s stressing you out and take active steps to rectify or avoid the situation as needed.



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