Organically grown green and white teas are typically stimulating, delicious and flavorful. They have provided numerous health benefits for thousands of years, and were commonly used in many ancient tea cultures and ceremonies. Green and White Teas Green and white teas offer a wide variety of health benefits which are shared among the different types […]

Pau D’arco has been actively used for centuries, potentially predating the Inca. It hails from a canopy tree that can only be grown in tropical regions, such as South America. It’s been known to treat numerous conditions, strengthen the immune system, treat ailments, detox the liver and promote your overall health. The bark, leaves and […]

Many people look at dandelions as annoying weeds that take up space in the yard. However, they provide a number of health benefits that should push them into the category of ‘beloved plant’. There are a number of ways to use dandelions to improve your health and even treat certain chronic health problems. These roots […]

Below you will find a list of vegetables and fruits that should be included as best as possible in your daily diet. Apples Everyone knows how good apples are for us. According to some recent studies, apples may prevent certain cancers. It contains the quercetin antioxidant, which reduces bad cholesterol oxidation. They provide a wealth […]

Our homes are filled with pollutants and toxins that rarely cross our minds. Just how many toxins varies depending on the materials your home is made with, from the flooring to the insulation and countertops, as well as household products we may use. There are 3 most commonly found chemicals: Benzene is a component that is […]

When scientists discovered that important bodily fluids are colloidal at their core, they began to conduct studies concerning the potential health benefits it could provide. Before 1938, it was used primarily as an antibiotic by physicians, however the financial cost to produce it was far too high. It was pushed to the back burner, allowing […]

You don’t need to douse your body with dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are expensive and full of chemicals, with horrible side effects. Nature has provided everything we need to survive and thrive to live a healthy life. We all suffer through different ailments in life, like headaches, stomach pains, joint […]