Safety in the Gym: How to Keep Yourself Free From Injury
The gym or weight room can be a wonderful asset to any healthy lifestyle. However, there are various tips and habits that should be used so that there is no risk of injury in the weight room. This can be a very dangerous place if things aren’t done properly. Or, it can be a safe and fun place to exercise with people that you know.

The Importance of Warming up and Cooling Down

Complete an effective warm-up each time you want to complete a workout. A great warm-up can either lead to a successful workout. In the event that you decide that a cardio workout is in order, it will be best to begin with a short, light five minute warm-up on the same piece of equipment. This goes well whether a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike or rowing machine is being used. The same concept can be used if the workout of the day involves strength concepts.


Technique is key in all aspects of exercise. It is also very important in terms of exercise safety. With a proper technique, you are very likely to experience increases in strength and agility very quickly. If the technique is incorrect, it can cause strength gains to take longer to occur. It can also lead to injuries, whether it be from strength exercises or from cardiovascular exercises. One of the first things that are likely to become injured is the lower back. Core exercises can help regulate the chances of an injury, as almost all exercises incorporate some aspect of core musculature.

Workout Partners

Whether a beginner or not, try to have someone else working out with you in the gym, simply as a precautionary measure. In the event that a major accident occurs, it is best to have someone else available that can contact medical help. Workout partners are a great idea as they can help each other be certain that technique is performed correctly. One of the best ways to keep from becoming injured is through the assistance of a spotter. A spotter can help if there is too much weight on the bar, or if you have completed a given number of reps to failure. The spotter is there to keep the bar from falling back on you, and helping rack the weights so that the set is safely completed.

Small Strength Increases

It is imperative to understand that success in the gym takes time. No one is going to begin to work out and experience massive increases in muscle mass or strength quickly. By understanding this, it should be understood that no one needs to constantly try to add too much weight to any exercise. There is no shortcut to increased strength, only dedication and hard work. The quickest way to become injured in the gym is to try to increase your strength too quickly and lift too much weight.

Be Aware

Be sure of all of your surroundings at all times. There’s nothing wrong with having in headphones or earbuds so that there is music when exercising. There’s also nothing wrong with being totally concentrated on the different aspects of the workout that is about to take place. That being said, please pay attention to everything that is happening around you.

Clean Up

This can cover a wide array of issues that arise in the gym. For one, it is necessary to put all of the weights back in their proper place after a workout. No one needs to be tripping over weights left in the floor, or weights that are improperly left on a barbell. These could tip or flip over and hit someone. In that same manner, be sure that you clean off a bench or a bar after using it.


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