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When our pets are suffering from allergies, it can be hard to know which way to turn in terms of treatment. Prescription medications can worsen the condition, adding more symptoms than the illness gives. As more pet parents make the change to natural treatments, many effective allergy remedies have been discovered that work wonders for our four-legged friends.

Natural treatments ensure that your pet is being properly cared for without introducing additives and chemicals to your pet’s body. Below are some natural ways to treat your pet’s allergies.

Vitamins and Supplements

Using supplements and vitamins can give your pet the nutrients and building blocks needed to fend off allergies. Many of these are safe for both humans and animals. Butterbur root, for example, is a great cough suppressant while simultaneously keeping your pet from sneezing. Always make sure that the butterbur is certified PA-free. If your pet is allergic to plants from the Compositae family, pregnant, nursing, suffering from liver problems or a juvenile, they should not take this supplement.

Cooking Oils

You can use a healthy cooking oil to treat your pet’s allergies. Be sure to select one that has plenty of those ever-so-essential fatty acids. Some of the higher quality ones are peanut or sunflower oil. If you decide to use sunflower oil, be sure to balance the high Omega-6 content with sources of Omega-3’s, such as virgin coconut oil. Mix a teaspoon into your pet’s food each day. It will relieve flaking, itchy and dry skin, as well as hot spots, that can be caused by allergies. These oils can clear up these problems in a matter of a few days.

Allergen Elimination

Perhaps the simplest, and most overlooked solution is to cut out potential irritants and allergens. Use natural, oatmeal-based shampoos on your pet during baths, and switch to natural parasite repellents rather than using flea and tick preventatives from the doctor. Remove offending plants if you can, or wipe down your pet anytime they come inside from the outdoors. Focus on their face and paws to remove allergy triggers, like pollen. Use a towel that has been soaked in water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is very effective for a variety of purposes. It is a great cleanser, as well as a frequent addition to cooking. According to Wendy Volhard, pet nutritionist and dog trainer, giving a teaspoon of ACV per 50 pounds of weight to your pet is a great combat towards allergies. It can cure coughing, hot spots, eye and nose discharge, and itching. When mixed into their food, it can boost their appetite and repel parasites by boosting their pH balance.

Homemade Food

Many store-bought pet foods and treats are chemically processed and treated in a way that can potentially bring a lot of damage to the animals. These foods can potentially be the source of their allergies. While this may technically fall under ‘allergen elimination’, changing their diet is a huge deal and can be the way to preventing their allergies. Cooking pet food from scratch lets you know just what goes into what they are consuming.

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