Romantic and Relaxing Herbal Aromatherapy

The herb garden can provide far more than simply cooking herbs and medicinals. It can be the perfect way to set a romantic atmosphere around the house using essential oils from your garden’s flowers and herbs. Scents have been used since ancient times to create an arousing, romantic environment.

Herbal aromatherapy can calm and relax someone, as well as heighten their arousal and alertness. Of course, there are certain herbs that are more suited for treating ailments like fatigue, muscle pain and digestive issues. Other herbs and flowers have romantic or relaxing scents and aromas that are simple to grow at home!

Herbs and Scents

Chamomile is typically associated with the tea. However, as a plant, it has a delicate, airy and citrus scent that is not only delightful but relaxing. It serves as a fantastic stress reliever, as well as a way to relax and go to sleep easily. The flower petals of chamomile is used to make the essential oil, while the leaves are used for the tea.

Lavender, as many of us have always known, is a great mood balancer. When it’s fresh, it’s much more potent and offers a wonderful floral scent. You can use every part of the lavender plant to create essential oil, including the stem, flowers and leaves. Use lavender essential oil on your pillow to improve the quality of sleep you get each night.

Rose scents trigger feelings of hope, relaxation and happiness. It is a calming, soft scent that many people love. You use the petals to make the essential oils. You can use geraniums to make a fresh essential oil that has a wonderful floral odor. Geraniums offer an anti-anxiety effect that calms and relaxes anyone who smells it. Lemongrass, on the other hand, is a far more citrus-y scent. Lemongrass is known to wake people up, and improves your emotional well-being. You use the stalks to form the lemongrass essential oil.


Aromatherapy is the use of scents for their calming effects. You can either have the air scented, or use them for massage oils for further relaxation. Some people use dried herb potpourri to create scents in the air, though a few drops of oils added to an unscented massage oil does the trick for massage.

Essential oils for aromatherapy can be home-grown or ordered from natural food stores, online skin care stores, or Amazon. Creating your own herbal essential oils requires a distiller in order to create the oils. The process is simple, though the distiller can be expensive. You can always make your own distiller at home, though it’s important to know a few things about distillers before attempting that.

Regardless if you choose to make them from home, or purchase them from a store, you should get separate oils for each herb that you like and would want to use for aromatherapy. You can blend them later for different effects and scents.


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