She Reversed Her Breast Cancer - Without Drugs, Chemo, or Radiation

Tamara St. John was living a normal life until 2009. She discovered she had breast cancer after doing an HCG test plus EGFR rashes, which became present after starting alternative therapies. Being unable to pursue traditional therapies, Tamara opted to utilize alternative and natural treatments as opposed to any form of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. She spent thousands of hours conducting researches and experiments to come up with a compatible treatment plan that was able to heal her cancer naturally and effectively. She now dedicates her time to educating others about how cancer can be treated, and defeated, naturally.

One of the alternative treatments Tamara utilized is referred to as The Budwig Protocol. This treatment is well-known among alternative health circles and is named after 20th-century German biochemist Johanna Budwig. This protocol utilizes good fats to help the body correct nutritional deficiencies and overpower the cancer cells with oxygen. To follow the protocol, Tamara consumed low-fat cottage cheese (not from cows treated with any hormones) and flax oil, in a ratio of 2 to 1. The two ingredients are blended together thoroughly; the emulsification of the two ingredients helps to penetrate the walls of cancer cells. It is believed that this protocol naturally reverses the progression of cancer, and Dr. Budwig is reported to have cured thousands of patients with this remedy.

Amygdalin therapy is another treatment that Tamara utilized. Amygdalin is naturally occurring in apricot kernels and is also referred to as vitamin B17. Note that this treatment does not call for the whole pit, but for the pit to be broken open; about 1 organic kernel per 10 pounds of body weight is what Tamara used; do not use more than this, as the kernels eaten in excess can contain harmful amounts of cyanide. The kernels are a bit tough to swallow, so Tamara often ground them up finely and mixed them in with some applesauce.

The third treatment used was called enzyme therapy, which provides the body with specific enzymes that can then break down the cell walls of cancer cells and inundate them with oxygen. The easiest way to follow this treatment is to stop eating meats (which will distract your body from what it needs to do) and start eating pineapple on a regular and consistent basis. This is particularly effective if you eat pineapple before any of the other therapies described here.

The fourth treatment Tamara turned to was simply the juicing of organic greens, such as kale, spinach, wheatgrass, celery, and cucumbers. These greens provide your body with essential nutrients and help to create an alkaline state in your body, which translates to increased oxygen in your cells, and an environment in which cancer cells cannot survive. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, consult with your physician as some greens may not be recommended.

Detox was incorporated in the proper order—juicing, exercise, and bromelain (found in pineapple). By incorporating all of these alternative treatments into her life, Tamara was able to defeat breast cancer for good.

If you would like to learn more about how she defeated cancer naturally, she has detailed the entire treatment in her book titled Defeat Cancer Now. She also discusses how to eliminate the root cause of chronic diseases in her new book Healing Through Detox.

For more information, visit her website, tamarastjohn.org, or her Facebook page.



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