Remedies for Children with Enlarged Adenoids

Adenoids work for the lymphatic system, and are vulnerable to infection and inflammation. They can be found in the mouth, behind the roof and nose. The glands filter germs, preventing them from reaching the body, and create antibodies that prevent infection. In children, it is often difficult to assess the problem by simply looking in her mouth. There are many natural solutions for enlarged adenoids, including garlic and cod liver oil.

Symptoms of Enlarged Adenoids

In some cases, children are born with enlarged adenoids. However, in most cases, enlarged adenoids are a result of inflammation or infection, or even both. They will become swollen, and develop adenoiditis. Your child may exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Ear infection
  • Swollen glands
  • Sore throat
  • Ear pain
  • Stuffy nose

Less common symptoms include that nasal sound when they speak, snoring, mouth breathing and difficulty sleeping. Some doctors may suggest surgery almost immediately, however that isn’t entirely necessary. Speak with your doctor about the cause of the enlargement.


After the first year of life, the adenoids tend to grow as they are part of the body’s immune system. The adenoids filter and fight germs that enter the body through the mouth and nose. The adenoids may become so enlarged that they disturb the child’s quality of life.


The eustachian tubes lead from the ears to the throat. If the adenoids block these tubes, your child may have many ear infections. These may cause middle ear problems and hearing loss.

Sleep apnea is a complication of enlarged adenoids. Some children snore so strongly that it disrupts their breathing. This can cause trouble sleeping. A poor night’s sleep may lead to poor attention at school, difficulty learning, hyperactivity, or impulsivity. (Source)

Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies that can solve the problem, provide support to other treatments and work as prevention.

1. Echinacea

Echinacea gives the body a natural boost for not only their immune system, but to their lymphatic system. The lymphatic system proceeds to cure the infection that ravages your adenoids. It has been used in the past on colds, infections and other ailments. It can be given to children as a capsule, or as a liquid. Just look around your health food store to find it, as most places have it. It works its best when given as soon as symptoms kick in, and should be used 7-10 days several times each day.

2. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil might sound awful, and most children may fight against taking it, but it has a variety of important nutrients within it, such as selenium. Such nutrients boost lymphatic flow, as well as fight off infections. The oil has essential fats that lessen inflammation, allowing the adenoids to become less swollen. Cod liver oil can be found as a supplement or liquid. Children over 12 should take the supplement, while those under 12 should take liquid. If combined with NSAIDs fish oil, can ease inflammation even better.

3. Raw Honey

Honey is well-known for its health benefits. Raw honey offers anti-inflammatory, suppressant, antihistamine and antibacterial qualities. It has been shown to prevent bacteria growth, as well as treat sores and the common cold. If taken daily, it greatly reduces oversized adenoids. It will soothe the soreness and pain in your child’s mouth as well. Mix a teaspoon of raw honey with 3 drops of lemon juice, spoon it straight into your kid’s mouth 3 times each day.

4. Garlic

Garlic has a lot of the more important compounds that your body needs, such as allicin. Allicin is known to serve as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory nutrient. Of course, this means that it is amazing at reducing swelling and infection in enlarged adenoids. Smash 1-2 cloves of garlic, and mix them with honey and some lemon juice for a good mixture of compounds.






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