10 Solid Reasons to Start Juicing

Although juicing may seem like just another fad, there is reason to believe that it’s here to stay (and for good reason). When done right, juicing can provide you with a ton of necessary nutrients in a convenient and tasty manner. Juicing yourself guarantees that you’ll know exactly what’s in your beverage (e.g. no additives or preservatives), and gives you the option to tailor it to your specific nutritional needs.

Health Benefits of Juicing

If you’re still convinced, read on to discover ten of the most compelling reasons for you to start juicing now.

1. Makes Nutrients Easier to Digest

Juicing your fruits and vegetables breaks them down so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients more quickly and more efficiently. It can also avoid indigestion, since your body will not have to work so hard to break down difficult-to-digest or hardly-chewed food.

2. Provides More Energy

Juicing allows you to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables, and this includes the most energy. By packing the nutrients in such a convenient way for our bodies, our systems can more easily obtain energy from these nutrients, without having to expel as much energy to digest them. Of course, organic fruits and vegetables used in juicing are also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that provide a natural boost of energy.

3. Works as a Whole Body Detox

Juicing is an excellent way to rid excess waste and toxins from the body while still providing yourself with needed nutrients. You can do an easy detox simply by juicing for a matter of days; this will ensure that you don’t suffer from the usual fatigue that often accompanies non-juicing detoxes.

4. Hydrates the Body

Because so many fruits and vegetables contain a high water content, they provide your body not only with nutrients but with much-needed h2o as well. Juicing then can help you avoid dehydration and all of the risks that accompany it.

5. Reduces Stress

Once you learn more about the fruits and vegetables you want to juice, you can tailor your beverage to really reduce stress. Spinach is an absolute must for most juices, but especially if you need a nice stress-buster.

6. Strengthens Your Bones

Most fruits and vegetables contain calcium, which as we all know helps keep our bones healthy and strong. But because many of them also contain high amounts of vitamin D and iron, they also help our bodies (mainly our bones) better absorb and use this calcium. While most produce will give you some benefit, try to include items such as oranges, apricots, kiwi, and rhubarb for a big dose of calcium.

7. Increase Your Lifespan

It’s true, juicing can also help you live a longer life, and a healthier one at that. Because juicing ensures that you are getting many of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body, this helps all of the areas of your body stay healthier (and look better) for longer. Juicing also helps to remove toxins and waste left behind by any poor diet choices.

8. Improves Quality of Sleep

If you need to get more or better sleep, try adding more cherries, tomatoes, oranges, or bananas to your night-time juice. These foods especially contain high amounts of melatonin, which will help trigger your body’s sleep clock.

9. Supports a Healthy Brain

The dense nutrient profile of juiced beverages also supports a healthy brain and can protect it from cognitive decline as you age. For extra brain power, be sure to add some dark, leafy, green vegetables to your drink every day.

10. Helps Your Body Stay Alkaline

You have probably heard how important it is for the pH level in your body to be just right. An alkaline state can improve your overall energy and even protect against cancer and other diseases. Juicing foods such as spinach, collard greens, kale, and Swiss chard, will help your body reach this healthy state.

Juicing is fun, easy, and good for your whole body. Get started today by picking up your favorite organic fruits and vegetables at the store and tailor each drink to your specific craving or need. Enjoy!

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  • Rick  September 3, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Any recommendations on how to clean your juicer? I have a Breville juicer at home and after about 6 months I’ve noticed a stale smell coming from the inside parts. I wash it out every use but I feel like there are small pieces of fruits & veggies getting stuck in places that don’t wash easily.

    Can you think of any specific tool or cleaning solution could help this?

    • Sasha  September 3, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      Hi Rick. I don’t really know of a specific technique or tool that can clean a juicer, but I found a great video by Elizabeth. Check it out


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