Reasons to Start Oil Pulling Today

There are a lot of different trends that use unusual ingredients to get you great health benefits. Oil pulling is a beauty process that works like a detoxifier. It might sound and feel a little strange at first but the results are well worth it. It’s also really simple and doesn’t require any extra tools or instructions. All you do is swish a natural oil around in your mouth. Popular choices include coconut, sunflower and sesame oil.

Oil Pulling Benefits

Below are 12 reasons to add oil pulling to your daily routine.

1. Energy Booster

Your body has energy stored and uses it to complete multiple tasks throughout the day. One of those tasks is the breaking down and removing of any lingering toxins. These can be found in your blood or in your gastrointestinal tract. Oil pulling will remove the toxins and bacteria before your body has to spend energy doing that.

2. Detoxifier

Fruit and vegetable cleanses, and infused water are all used to help flush the toxins out of your body. However, they only remove the ones that have already entered your system. To prevent further bacteria from getting into your body, use oil pulling to remove the toxins from your mouth. By removing them before they can enter your body you’ll give your system a chance to really get rid of the toxins and do a full detox.

3. Less Headaches

Constant headaches can make getting through the day a nightmare. Sometimes, these, as well as migraines, are your body’s reaction a high level of toxic buildup. Oil pulling can help alleviate some of the pain associated with toxic stress. Removing the bacteria will help keep your body’s toxin levels low.

4. Tougher Teeth

If you’re having trouble eating cold or hot foods, then you likely have sensitive teeth. Regular oil pulling will help decrease this sensitivity so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite foods.

5. Clearer Skin

Smooth, even and blemish-free skin is a goal for many people. Some people use expensive creams or face masks in order to get that healthy glow on their skin. Your skin can also improve once you start oil pulling. The toxins and bacteria from your mouth can eventually end up in your bloodstream and cause negative side effects. When you oil pull, unwanted redness and even rashes can become less noticeable or disappear altogether.

6. Stop Gingivitis

Redness and a bleeding gum are two of the hallmarks for gingivitis, one of the milder periodontal diseases. Oil pulling will help reduce inflammation along the gum line and lessen the effects of plaque buildup.

7. Brightens Your Smile

One of the great cosmetic results that come from oil pulling is a whiter smile without using any harsh chemicals or going in for expensive procedures. Along with removing the bacteria, oil pulling will help loosen and remove plaque. Children, if monitored, can also try oil pulling for improving their smile. However, it’s still important to teach them the basics of how to brush and floss their teeth regularly.

8. Skip the Burn

There’s an idea that if your mouthwash doesn’t burn when you swish, then it isn’t working. But store-bought mouthwashes can be extremely harsh. Oil pulling is a safer, natural alternative that can get you great results without toxic chemical ingredients.

9. Regulate Hormones

Our bodies, moods and daily life are affected by the hormonal changes in our bodies. These hormones, in turn, are affected by our stress levels and any foreign or harmful substances we put into our bodies. Things like germs and bacteria can disrupt our system and make it go into overdrive trying to stay healthy and normal. Oil pulling allows your hormones to maintain their natural, balanced levels.

10. Improve Your Heart Health

You might be wondering what your mouth has to do with your heart health. But it’s important to remember that our body is a combination of different parts that have to work together. Using oil pulling in your mouth will lower the risk of inflammation from gum disease which also lowers your risk of heart attacks.

11. Better Oral Hygiene Overall

Beyond the cosmetic benefits of oil pulling, your teeth, gums, and mouth will all get healthier. Your mouth is kind of like a gateway and several different kinds of toxins and pathogens can slip through. Poor dental health has been linked to severe illnesses that don’t affect only your mouth but even your brain. Adding oil pulling to your hygiene practices will give you a better, cleaner mouth.

12. Fix Bad Breath

Halitosis (aka bad breath) is an embarrassing condition and can sometimes affect you even when you don’t have really strong smelling foods. Halitosis is a result of an increase in the mouth’s toxin levels. Oil pulling reduces those levels and oral bacteria.


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