Do you find yourself waking up every night at the same time? For a normal person, four to six nocturnal awakenings are considered fine. However, if you find your sleep is being disrupted around the same time every night, then your body might be telling you something. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there could be an imbalance in a specific organ in your body. Below are the reasons why you’re waking up at the same time every night.

Unfavorable Room Temperature

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a room temperature of 60 degrees F to 67 degrees F for good night sleep. But for babies, it should be around 65 degrees F to 70 degrees F. Waking up in the middle of sleep around the same time could be caused by your body being too cold or too hot.

While asleep your body cycles through different sleep stages ranging from one to four. The first stage is a light sleep and anything can wake you up including a car’s headlights if it shines through your window. For a comfortable sleep free of disruptions, ensure your room temperature is good, the room should be dark and quiet as well.

Wrong Sleeping Position

Improper sleeping posture can lead to health issues such as heartburn, headaches, chronic fatigue, and back or neck pain. Ensure that your mattress isn’t that hard neither should it be too soft. Support your neck with a soft pillow too. Doctors argue that sleeping on your left side can improve digestion, promote blood circulation, enhance proper lymphatic functioning, promote emotional health and prevent heart disease. Changing one’s sleeping habit can be challenging at times, but doing simple things like using a pillow can help.

You Might Be Having Anxiety

Anxiety is known to wake most people at night. In fact, trouble sleeping is a common symptom of anxiety disorder. This is because while asleep you experience anxiety induced issues that are severe enough to rouse you like a nightmare. Others might experience nocturnal panic attacks that are intense to wake them up around the same time every night. If your anxiety tends to wake you up every single day, it’s recommended you see a doctor who should help you handle the underlying issue. The solutions to this might involve cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-anxiety medication or a combination of the two. Also, whenever you wake up at night you should try and take a deep breath which might help to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Drinking Alcohol Right Before Bed

Taking alcohol an hour before sleep is fine, but drinking and then going straight to bed can cause some issues. Alcohol can have a sedative effect which means it can put you to sleep quite easily and at the same time it can wake you up in the middle of the night. Different bodies metabolize alcohol differently depending on factors like diet, body size or genetics. Alcohol plays around with your sleep stages and is more associated with stage one. During stage one of sleep, your quality of sleep isn’t that good and anything can wake you up especially environmental factors. You should evaluate how much alcohol you’re drinking to be sure that your sleep isn’t being disrupted by it.

You Might Be Having Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) can make your lower body part feel itching, aching, pulling or crawling which make you wake up with an urge to move your legs. These feelings of sensation are common in the evening and at night they become more intense especially during the periods of inactivity like sleeping. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), RLS may be hereditary although they aren’t completely sure. Researchers are more focused on investigating how issues with dopamine, a neurotransmitter required by your muscle to work correctly, may cause RLS.

Other doctors suggest that iron deficiency might be the underlying cause of RLS. In case you have any of the above symptoms you should see a doctor for a diagnosis. Then you will be given medications to increase your dopamine levels or muscle relaxants and advised to incorporate home remedies to soothe your muscles such as a warm bath.


For what it’s worth, waking up at night is normal. Some might not be aware of it the next day while others find it hard to fall back asleep. Good sleeping habits like avoiding any electronic few hours before bed, avoiding caffeine and strategically placing your bed can promote good sleep. If you can’t avoid the lighting from other places at night, you should consider wearing a sleeping mask. Just look for any way possible to have a good sleep without disturbance.

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