Vox Nature https://www.voxnature.com would like to welcome you to our website. Online privacy is important to internet users, as well as the users of this site. As a result, our commitment is to ensure the protection and respect of your personal privacy. In this privacy policy, we will outline what type of personal information is received and collected by the Vox Nature site, and how it will be used.

“Personally Identifiable Information”

The above term includes any information used to identify, contact, or locate a user to whom the information belongs to. This includes, but not limited to the user’s name, street address, phone and/or fax number, email address, financial information, SSN, and credit or debit card information.

The above term, “Personally Identifiable Information” will not include anonymously collected information (information collected that is not used to identify the individual user).

What Personally Identifiable Information is Collected?

The following list includes information that may be collected by Vox Nature:

  • Upon completion of any forms on Vox Nature—the information you have provided to register, subscribe to newsletters or email, or the request for further information or services.
  • Information entered upon reporting a problem within our site. This information includes name and email address.
  • Any correspondence between you and Vox Nature may be kept on file.

Uses Made of the Information

The following are ways that information collected about you, the User, may be used:

  • To provide additional information about services or material that you have requested from our site.
  • To give information for a legitimate business reason if you have permitted for us to do so.
  • To provide you with relevant content that is presented in a way that is most effective for you and your device.
  • For reasons of marketing lists.
  • For the purpose of you participating in services when you choose to.
  • To keep you updated on our policies and terms of service and other changes that may occur on our website.

Your information will not be shared with third-party services unless it has been agreed upon or is set out by this clause of our privacy policy.

How do we protect your information?

Any personal information received is safely contained within a secure network, which is accessible to very few people with certain special rights to maintain the system. All of these individuals are forbidden from disclosing or sharing any information. Additionally, any sensitive personal information that you may enter into the website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

The following practices are not used by Vox Nature: vulnerability scanning, scanning to PCI standards, Malware scanning, or asking for credit card numbers.


Certain activities on our website, such as posting a comment, will prompt you to save in cookies your name and email address for your next visit. This information will be saved for one year and is purely for your convenience for future visits to the website.

When you set up an account for the site and login, VoxNature.com will set an intermediate cookie to establish if your browser will accept or deny cookies. This initial cookie will contain no personal data and is immediately discarded when your browser is subsequently closed.

When you opt to save your information, the next time you log in several cookies will be set up so that your login information and display options are automatically saved and populated for your next visit. Login cookies are stored for two days but can be saved for two weeks if you check the “Remember Me” option. Cookies that contain your screen preferences will last for one year.

If you submit an article for publication or edit an already-published article, another cookie will be saved to your browser. This cookie will only contain the post identification of that specific article that you either edited or posted. These cookies will expire after one day.

Email Marketing

By subscribing to our newsletter, any email address provided will be given to a third-party email service provider—MailChimp. The email addresses forwarded are provided by the user when joining our newsletter mailing list or when giving consent to get information from our site. MailChimp is the only third-party marketing company that will receive your email address.

Any email address provided by users is not kept within our website’s data storage or internal computer system. Your provided email address will stay within MailChimp, for the duration of our partnership with the company.

You may request to be taken off of this list at any time. If you would like to request removal from our newsletter subscription service, you will need to unsubscribe by clicking on the specific link of the email correspondence that is sent to you. You may also request being removed from this list by visiting the “Contact Us” page on our site.


Vox Nature has links to other websites. This includes links that point to external resources to back up claims and/or research, or affiliate partners. By clicking on these links, you will visit other sites, which may have a privacy policy that differs from ours.

We urge you to research the privacy policies of these other websites before entering or divulging any personal information.

Contact Form

The personal information (name and email address) collected through our contact form is not stored in our system and is not used for marketing purposes.


Third-party advertising is utilized on Vox Nature. Google, Inc. and other associated companies are used to place advertisements that are unique to your visit. These third-party advertising platforms can be disabled by using cookies. You may choose to opt out of their cookie use at any time.

When Google uses cookies and tracks your information, this is subject to Google’s Privacy Policies, as they may differ from ours. Other privacy policies to review: Content.ad and Media.net.

Disclosure of Your Information

Personal information may be disclosed to third-parties if it happens that that our site buys or sells business assets. In the event that your personal information is disclosed, it also may be because of a legal obligation we need to follow.

We also may disclose the personal information of users due to adhering to our Terms of Use or other policies such as supplying services or information.

Information can be disclosed as well to protect the rights of Vox Nature’s employees or other users of our website. This may mean exchanging information with other entities for the purposes of fraud protection.

Your Rights

As a User, you have the following rights as to how any personal information collected by Vox Nature will be gathered and used.

For marketing purposes, we will let you know ahead of time if we intend to use your personal information; however, it is within your rights to tell us to refrain from processing your personal information for this purpose. You may also opt out at any time by emailing us at sasha@voxnature.com.

In terms of links used by Vox Nature that may take you to other websites that we may or may not partner with, please understand these external websites (advertisers, networks, or affiliates) have their own Privacy Policy that may differ from ours. By clicking on these links, you are agreeing to their privacy policies. Please note that we are not responsible for accepting liability for their policies.

If you are receiving communication from us for any reason and would like to opt out of these emails, it if your right to do so. You may do so by following the instructions to unsubscribe in the communication emails we, Vox Nature, send you.

Please know that you have a right to obtain a copy of any personal information or other data that we have collected and processed for you. You also have the right to request that any mistakes or inaccuracies be corrected by contacting us at sasha@voxnature.com.

At any time you may submit a request for VoxNature.com to delete any and all personal data of yours that we may have collected. Any data that we are bound to maintain for legal, security, or administrative reasons are exempted from this deletion.

Your Posts

Anything that a user posts in a public area of our site is not private and may be viewed by anyone who has access to our site. We encourage users to keep all personal information, including contact information private. This also includes phone or fax number, street address, email address or other identifiable information.

If any information is posted in a public area by a user, we claim no responsibility for misuse of said information.


All information and resources on https://www.voxnature.com are considered to be “as is”. We do not warrant the correctness, outcomes, or trustworthiness of the information on this site or that might be related to other resources or sites that are linked from this website.

For more information, Please read Vox Nature’s full disclosure.


VoxNature.com or any of its affiliates surrender all liability for any damages that may result from an individual’s use or inability to use this site or access all materials. Written notification of such damages does not supersede this. However, some jurisdictions have outlawed or restricted such implied warranties; in that case, this limitation may not apply to you.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We, Vox Nature, reserve the right to make any changes regarding our privacy policy. In such an event, the changes will be posted on this Privacy Page. If needed, we will notify users via email. You may check back for updates as often as you wish.