Benefits and Uses of Grapefruit Essential Oil
Imagine stepping inside your house to be embraced with the sweet-smelling aroma of grapefruit essential oil. Its calming, energizing and
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Period Symptoms you Should See Your Doctor About
The menstrual cycle begins when the uterus wall thickens in preparation for a pregnancy. When the pregnancy doesn’t happen, the
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Fruits and Vegetables with the Most Pesticides
We need to be cautious about the food we eat. Organic fruits and veggies should be at the center of
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Best Ways to Use Baking Soda into Your Beauty Routine
If there’s one product that has dozens of applications around the home, it’s baking soda. From removing odor in your
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Best Herbs for Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks
From occasional anxiety before an interview or getting the doctor’s results after a scan to severe anxiety and panic attacks,
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Natural Ingredients That Repel Insects at Home
Insects are drawn to your home especially the kitchen due to the scent, light, heat, and humidity. Summer season is
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Benefits of Sleeping with a Garlic Clove under Your Pillow
The usage and consumption of garlic trace back 7,000 years ago. It’s considered as a flavoring and seasoning agent in
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miso soup
7 Japanese Tips for a Long Life
The Japanese are well known to outlive pretty much everyone else in the world. According to WHO, the average life
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How Food Waste Is Destroying the Planet
Did you know that more than $161 billion worth of food is being tossed away in the U.S. today? According
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honey spoon
Why Mead Is Good For You and Why You Should Start Drinking It?
Mead has been cultivated and consumed across the world for over a thousand years. This drink has gained popularity due
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woman shampoo
Toxic Ingredients in Shampoos and Conditioners You Should Avoid
There are a thousand of hair products in the market some of which contain harmful toxins that your body absorbs
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ginger piece
Health Benefits of Ginger
Ginger is a plant with a pungent and unique flavor that’s used in stir-fries, juice, tea, soup and also for
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man vaping
Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Smoking?
The increased use of electronic smoking or e-smoking is a dangerous trend with real health risks. E-smoking is now being
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Is It Healthy to Drink Breast Milk As an Adult?
There’s no dispute as to what breast milk does to infants. It’s the first food babies test in their mouths
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woman meditating beach
7 Mindfulness Tips for Beginners
In our modern world, balancing work and family life leaves us little to no time to have a peaceful moment.
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dog hand human
Do Dogs Understand English?
According to a study, 80% of dog owners admitted that they believe their dogs understood the human language. This is
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