Our gut bacteria holds a particularly important role in our brain health. There are hundreds of different bacteria living inside of our guts, and these bugs are particularly connected to our brain’s function, health and disease resistance. These microbes do it all, from reducing and regulating our immune health, inflammation, detoxing, carb metabolism, vitamin production […]

Keeping an all-natural first aid kit is a great way to treat an illness or injury that limits your abilities. The remedies within this kit can ease symptoms without interrupting your body’s immune system as it works to cure whatever ails you. Below is a list of remedies that are ideal for a variety of […]

In spite of how many people scoff about it, hormones play a mighty role in our lives and bodies. Many women struggle with pain and symptoms caused by hormones, particularly through PMDD, and PMS cramps. PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, has a huge mess of symptoms. These typically kick up just before your cycle begins, and […]

Argan oil, often used in hair and skin care, is full of necessary nutrients. There’s vitamins D, A and E, along with squalene, antioxidants, carotene, the good fatty acids, sterols, phenols and phenolic acid. Combined, these deliver incredible effects to the human body. Argan oil builds collagen naturally, as well as softens dry skin, reduces […]

Turmeric is a powerful healer that grows naturally in the environment. It’s been in use for some time for its amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As research into the herb’s healing potential delves deeper, turmeric has been discovered to benefit many conditions, including Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Health Benefits of Turmeric As a medicinal herb, […]

In this collection of herbal DVDs and games, we have compiled some fantastic, education devices that can encourage the herbal lifestyle. Each DVD offers insight from professionals on the importance of herbs. Daniel Vitalis delivers wonderfully supportive recipes, Nicole Carter focuses on getting the most out of your foods and Chad Cornell tells you everything […]

  Dog care is of high importance to those who have a beloved pet of their own.  Many books have been written on the subject of holistic pet care, however, there are few that have established themselves as must-haves. As you care for your dog, it’s extremely important to know what to do and how […]

Organic black tea is a classic, much loved beverage around the world. It can come in a wide variety of flavors and scents. Some are highly caffeinated, others are much less. High quality black teas are typically rich in texture with delicious flavors and scents. Each provides a wealth of healthy benefits to the drinker, […]

There are a lot of different herbs that grow naturally and have many medicinal uses. The following list isn’t exhaustive and doesn’t provide all of the herbs in the world. Herbs and Their Uses A Aconite is praised as an effective herbal treatment for ailments such as immune deficiency, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, fevers, labor […]

Since the 1940’s, certain herbs and foods have been used to protect our bodies from disease and infection. They can build up your immune system, boost your digestive system, strengthen your gut bacteria, shut down parasites and more. Since we’ve been developing antibiotics, bacteria and bugs have evolved to resist them. However, they can’t develop […]

Eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by the body’s immune system reacting to food allergens in the blood stream. Eczema has a number of unsightly symptoms including dryness, flaking skin, crusting and skin rashes. This type of chronic inflammatory disorder is caused by a hyper responsive immune system. There are a number of natural […]

The liver is one of the most important digestive organs we have in our bodies, and they must be taken care of in order to function properly. When your liver begins to fail, it cannot be replaced or fixed through surgery. However, you can follow some tips to repair your liver, as well as to […]

Organically grown green and white teas are typically stimulating, delicious and flavorful. They have provided numerous health benefits for thousands of years, and were commonly used in many ancient tea cultures and ceremonies. Green and White Teas Green and white teas offer a wide variety of health benefits which are shared among the different types […]

Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is fairly common among men. However, in spite of its normalcy, it can be difficult to deal with. There are a number of causes for male pattern baldness, including stress. It can start at any age, and progress at varying rates for each man. In alopecia, testosterone blocks hair […]

Many people look at dandelions as annoying weeds that take up space in the yard. However, they provide a number of health benefits that should push them into the category of ‘beloved plant’. There are a number of ways to use dandelions to improve your health and even treat certain chronic health problems. These roots […]

Below you will find a list of vegetables and fruits that should be included as best as possible in your daily diet. Apples Everyone knows how good apples are for us. According to some recent studies, apples may prevent certain cancers. It contains the quercetin antioxidant, which reduces bad cholesterol oxidation. They provide a wealth […]