Jojoba is a desert plant, a forested, perennial bush that is native to the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and the dry California regions. As the seasons change, the leaves do not shed and instead stay intact. The plant takes three years to mature and flowers to grow and become harden pods. In these pods […]

Oolong tea is known to be full of health benefits when enjoyed on a regular basis. Tasting like a mixture of green tea and black tea with a mild fruity flavor, the most common type of oolong tea comes from China. Like most teas, it is full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, […]

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is an inconvenient and often embarrassing condition that affects many men. Causes may be physiological or psychological and impotence occurs in various degrees. If you or someone you care about is suffering from impotence, don’t despair just yet; there are some natural remedies that are effective in helping treat erectile dysfunction. […]

Garlic, an onion species, is a bulbous plant that grows to 4 ft. tall. It is grown year round in ideally sunny locations with dry soils that have a high organic material content; however, garlic is capable of growing in a variety of soils and pH levels. For thousands of years, garlic has been used […]

  Alfalfa is a perennial plant grown in warm or temperate climates throughout the world. Also known as lucerne, the herb is only referred to as Alfalfa in the United States. A member of the pea family, Alfalfa is grown as a forage crop for livestock fodder. Technically a legume, the plant develops small clusters […]

Autism includes a group of developmental disabilities than can cause social and behavioral problems. The spectrum of autism varies widely, and it affects boys more often than girls. Because autism revolves around the way the individual communicates to others, parents can often spot signs of autism early on in their child’s life. Natural Remedies to […]

Gingko Biloba is an oriental tree used for decoration, food, and medicine throughout the world. Often simply called ginkgo, the tree itself is a living fossil. While gingko is native to China, today it is grown through many different parts of the globe. At full height, the tree is quite large and possesses an evergreen […]

Barberry, a genus of the Berberis species of deciduous or evergreen shrub, grows throughout most of the sub-tropical and temperate regions of the world. Often seen with small oval shaped dark green leaves, the Barberry will most often bloom small yellow flowers and produce bright red fruit that is smaller than a raisin. The plant […]

The ion cleansing detox machine is used for various reasons. The machine is used to detox the body, increase energy, and cleanse the body internally. It may even help increase sexual health, rid the body of heavy metals, detoxify the liver, alleviate pain, improve memory and sleep, reduce wrinkles, help treat acne, and enhance the […]

Elderflower is part of the Elder plant that is a flowering plant of the Adoxaceae family. The elderflower comes into season in the Northern Hemisphere end of May to early June. Numerous growing conditions accommodate this plant, including dry and wet soils; however, they are more inclined to grow in sunny environments. The flowers are […]

Fenugreek, a plant cultivated around the world, comes from the Fabaceae family. The chemical it contains, sotolon, is responsible for the sweet scent it exudes. The leaves are used as an herb, the seeds as a spice, and the leaves, sprouts and microgreens are all used as a vegetable. India is the largest producer of […]

Matcha Green Tea is the most nutritious green tea available. Steamed, stemmed, de-vined, and then ground into a very fine powder, the tea leaves are then stored away from light and oxygen. This process captures the nutrients and antioxidants found in the tea leaves, the antioxidants that are usually left behind in your typical cup […]

Blessed Thistle, scientifically known as Cnicus Benedictus, is often referred to as St. Benedict’s Thistle or holy thistle. The plant itself has thistle-like characteristics and is chiefly found in the Mediterranean regions of Portugal and Iran. In North America, Blessed Thistle is viewed as an invasive weed plant. The plant is not considered edible, though […]

Pancreatitis is an extremely painful condition, occurring when there is inflammation in the pancreas. It transpires when the pancreatic enzymes become activated inside the pancreas, and these enzymes begin digesting the cellular wall. Pancreatitis can occur as acute pancreatitis, meaning that it appears suddenly and lasts for days. Or, it can occur as chronic pancreatitis, […]

Watching our pets grow old is a painful part of life. Seeing them in pain can sometimes be harder on us than it is on them (at least we owners think so). To optimize the health of your aging dog and extend their years as far as possible, incorporate as many of the following herbs […]

The taproot part of the beet is referred to as the beetroot. Beetroot is both used for food and medicinal uses. From Middle Ages onwards, beetroot was regarded as a treatment for various illnesses and conditions, particularly those illnesses related to blood and digestion. The beet plant consists of a round, firm vegetable purple in […]