Guarana is a plant of the maple family, Sapindaceae. It is commonly found in Brazil and is native to the Amazon basin. Guarana has large leaves, clusters of flowers, and fruits with seeds the size of a coffee bean. The discovery of guarana in Brazil dates back to the times of the Amazon tribe. […]

Carrot is a popular and widely used root vegetable. It is long and orange, with a green, leafy top. Domesticated carrots are bred from wild carrots native to Europe and Southwestern Asia, and these are the common carrots we buy at our supermarkets. In Persia, the first use of carrots was depicted through paintings and […]

You don’t have to live in Hawaii to enjoy a nice juicy pineapple. In fact, no matter where you live, you should incorporate pineapple into your diet due to the various health benefits that pineapples can offer. Luckily, pineapples are easy to add to your daily diet, thanks to the variety of ways in which […]

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which one is lacking healthful, restful sleep. This means you may have difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep, and/or reaching REM sleep. Insomnia affects about 20% of adults at some point in their lives. Insomnia can be caused or exacerbated by many factors, including age, stress, diet, emotions, or […]

Valerian is a perennial plant that has sweetly scented flowers. This plant blooms in the summer and is native to England and to certain areas in Asia. For centuries, valerian has been taken advantage of as medicine for its sedating properties. The pungent odor of the root makes it easy to identify as valerian. Ancient […]

Gout is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition that affects joints. Those with gout experience sudden and severe attacks of pain, redness, and tenderness in the joints; for some reason, this pain tends to start/be most severe in and around the big toe. The pain and tenderness can also affect your hands, ankles, knees, feet, […]

Lemon is a fruit native to an evergreen tree in Asia. This citrus fruit is used all over the world as more than just an ingredient that brings out flavor in dishes. Lemon is actually considered one of the healthiest foods out there, as it is rich in vitamin C and contains bioflavonoid. Flavonoid is […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition that affects the colon (large intestine). While a common disorder, it is nonetheless very uncomfortable. Symptoms include stomach cramps, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. It’s very unclear what causes IBS, and individual symptoms and severity vary. Some triggers are foods, stress, hormones, or other illnesses; pay […]

Grapefruit seed extract has multiple uses to improve your overall health and well-being. Grapefruit seed extract, or GSE, is derived from the seeds and membrane of grapefruit. While GSE has been flying under the radar, it provides some truly amazing benefits to your body that are worth taking notice of, as described below. Digestive Health […]

  Thyme of the Thymus genus is an herb used for thousands of years. Emperors in Ancient Rome would eat thyme before or after meals, because it was thought that thyme protected against poison. In the middle ages, soldiers carried the fragrant evergreen herb in a bundle in their lockets as a badge of honor. […]

Your kidneys are responsible for removing toxins and waste from your bloodstream, which means they are kept pretty busy! Shaped like a bean and located in the abdomen, these organs help to regulate blood pressure, increase blood cell production, and synthesize vitamin D. Kidney Cleansing Herbs If you feel that your kidneys may be a […]

Jasmine is a plant of the olive family, of the shrubs and vines genus. Found in tropical to warm temperate climates, jasmines are native to Australia, Eurasia and Australasia. The jasmine flower is an inch in diameter, has berry fruits, is white or yellow in color, and is pleasantly fragranced. These jasmines are great additions […]

Aloe Vera is a nutritious plant species, revered for centuries for its medicinal properties. It is an almost stemless, succulent plant that can grow to be 100 cm long. Its thick leaves are edged with white teethand if you cut open a leaf, you’ll find it’s full of a clear, gel-like substance, referred to as […]

Chamomile tea is relaxing, soothing, and great tasting. Research now also shows that there are multiple positive effects on your health by drinking chamomile tea. There are even uses for chamomile tea aside from just drinking it that may address certain remedies and improve overall health. Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea Below you’ll learn about […]

Avocado is one of the most nutrient-rich fruits available (yes, it is a fruit and not a vegetable). It is full of healthy fats, good for your skin, and of course, delicious. Health Benefits of Avocado There are numerous reasons why you should eat more avocado, but this article will focus on the top 7 […]