One of the most important B-vitamins is B3, also known as niacin. B3 is important for everything from maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, combating diabetes, improving joint mobility, and improving your mood and energy level. Adult men need an average of 16 mg per day, while adult women need around 14 mg. Foods Rich in Vitamin […]

Folic acid is an important part of every diet, but it is especially crucial for pregnant women and their developing babies. Not only does folic acid aid in the healthy development of a fetus, but it also plays a role in preventing issues from anemia to Alzheimer’s disease in adults. Because it offers a wide […]

You may think that organic food and farming is just a fad, or a scheme to make you pay more money for the same thing. In reality, organic food options actually offer many benefits to your health, and are devoid of many of the additives, pesticides, and hormones that taint traditional produce, meat, and dairy. […]

Have you been trying to do crunches and cardio to get rid that donut ring of flesh surrounding your waist? The answer to getting rid of this flab lies in what you’re eating, or rather what you’re not eating, as opposed to the right exercise. Foods that Shed Waistline Flabs Below you will find some […]

You have likely heard a lot about probiotics, and how they are necessary for gut health and maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in your body. What gets less attention, undeservingly, are the prebiotics that are equally as important. Prebiotics are not alive themselves, but they act as a natural fertilizer for probiotics in the […]

Genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) have been receiving a lot of attention lately, and that’s not exactly a good thing. Scientists and the public alike are beginning to realize just how many problems GMOs may pose to our health, from increased allergies to autoimmune disorders. Most Common GMO Foods Below you will find a list […]

Did you know that certain foods can actually increase your skin’s natural ability to protect itself from the sun? That’s right, slathering on the SPF 55 is not the only way to protect your body from damage caused by the sun. Foods for Sun Protection Below you will find the top 10 foods that will […]

For your body to reach its full potential, it is important to detox and incorporate a full-body cleanse fairly often. Not all of these detoxes need to be miserable; there are actually a wide variety of tasty foods that will cleanse and detoxify the body naturally. Detox Foods Below is a list of some of […]

While everyone knows that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in colorful fruits and veggies is good for you, many of us don’t know why. Aside from being rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for the body because they seek out harmful […]

Everybody wants to look younger and fight the signs of aging. Although there is no fountain of youth, there are ways in which you can slow down the aging process and look younger for longer, by incorporating anti-aging foods into your diet. Anti-Aging Foods Below are some of the best foods that will help you […]

Vitamin A is crucial to the overall good health of our bodies, and is especially important for the maintenance of our eyesight. Similar to B-vitamins, there are actually a variety of A-vitamins that all fall under the “vitamin A” umbrella. Some of these include beta-carotene, retinol, lutein, and zeaxanthin. No matter which form it takes, […]

Some believe that cancer is mainly genetic, or that it is a direct result of environmental factors. However, recent studies have suggested that when it comes to colon (or colorectal) cancer, diet is a key factor that can significantly reduce or increase your likelihood of becoming a victim. Foods for Colon Health If you want […]

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin needed by the body to ensure proper growth and repair of skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, teeth, and cartilage. Vitamin C is also needed by the body so that it can properly absorb iron. It is also a natural antioxidant and helps prevent and reduce damage caused by free radicals. […]

The key to a long life just may be in your pantry (and refrigerator). Some of the most beneficial items for our bodies do not come out of a bottle or a in a powder; they come in their natural form, whether a fruit, vegetable, nut, or other. Superfoods List Read on to learn about […]

Fiber is an important nutrient needed by the body to help keep you regular and make you feel full. Because of these two main roles for fiber, it is a crucial dietary component for losing weight as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Unfortunately, many adults do not get enough fiber in their diets on […]

Vitamin K is a crucial component for a healthy body. It is especially required in order for our body’s to be able to coagulate blood and stop the bleeding when we get a cut or other injury. Vitamin K also helps the body absorb and utilize calcium, which means it is crucial to the health […]