During summer, nothing can be quite as refreshing as the cool waters of swimming pools. Swimming is not just for
If you're a vegan or vegetarian, or simply fancy tasting other milk alternatives than dairy milk, you’ll be pleased to
Whether your goal is to increase lean mass or lose weight, quality protein consumption is vital. Protein increases metabolism and
The Fall season has much to offer, from Halloween to pumpkin ales, apples to pears. The best part is that
If you have pale skin, chances are you’ve had at least one bad experience with self-tanners. Self-tanning is a complicated
Let's face it. Everybody wants to look and feel good in their own skin. That’s why you’d be willing to
Sunflower seeds have been famed for their nutritional values the world over. Harvested from the yellow-colored sunflower, they are highly
Figuring out what to wear as the mother of the bride can be a stressful and complicated process. Which color
The work-from-home trend is catching on, and remote workers have had to greatly adjust their lifestyles. For starters, it hasn’t
Belly fat and being overweight are real concerns not only for Americans but people all over the world. It's associated
Artichokes originated from the Mediterranean and have been associated with several potential health benefits to our health. Often considered as
Yoga has been known to be a helpful mind and body relaxation technique. Additionally, regular practice of yoga can have
Beans are rich in fiber, proteins, and other minerals that bring a wealth of health to our bodies. They are
You must have heard or read about conflicting facts about storing eggs in the refrigerator. In the US, it's generally
Life sometimes can feel unbearable, leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless. This is only natural and happens to everyone at
Did you know that humans are not designed to breathe through the mouth? According to Bill Fish, a certified sleep