Stretch Mark Remedies from Home

Stretch marks can come from a wide range of things. They can happen during puberty growth spurts, muscle growth, weight gain, pregnancy and other changes in life. These shiny, thin scars develop when the body grows too fast and the cells can’t follow. The second layer of skin develops fractures, which first look red or purple.

While they do lighten, they typically stick around for a while, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with these natural points of life, sometimes you might want to lighten them. Below are a few different ways you can naturally help those scars disappear!

Stretch Mark Natural Remedies

Wheat germ oil is one popular way to remove stretch marks. It has antioxidant qualities, and stimulates tissue regrowth. It’s filled with vitamins, like vitamin E (another oil known to reduce stretch marks), along with proteins. These ingredients make wheat germ oil perfect for reducing scars, eczema, wrinkles, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Vitamin E oil is a great way to reduce and eliminate stretch marks. Combine shea butter, vanilla oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil into a body butter to bring a wide range of health benefits to your skin. Not only does it encourage the disappearance of scars, but it promotes overall skin health.

Coconut oil is well-known for its vast uses for the skin alone. The oil is made up of important triglyceride lauric acid, making it extremely useful to the human body. Applying it to the skin can improve your cell’s ability to regenerate, boost elasticity and defend against infections. Coconut oil on stretch marks encourages the skin to heal over them.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is better than most moisturizers! It’s made from cold-pressing the seeds, resulting in a light oil with fatty acids. It improves skin elasticity and strength, healing time and provides a ton of vitamin A.

Argan oil has some awesome healing properties—thanks to the antioxidants and triterpenoids it houses. This oil lightens scars to the point of disappearing, smooths skin, boosts cell health, restores skin elasticity and strength and stimulates the growth of new cells.

Real gelatin provides a huge boost to collagen when eaten. It encourages the health of your skin, nails, cells in addition to joint support, digestion and hair health. You can use it to make desserts or broths.

Sugar scrubs are a great way to reduce scarring and improve the quality of your skin. Simply mix 1 part virgin olive oil with 2 parts 100% raw sugar, and add a teaspoon of lemon juice. The sugar has glycolic acid, while the lemon juice is acidic, allowing two alpha-hydroxy acids to simultaneously rejuvenate and remove dead skin.

Derma rollers: The best way to reduce stretch marks is with a derma roller. Derma rollers are hand-held wheel-style devices that have 200-500, or more, tiny needles that break through the skin to the second layer. You roll over the stretch marks, and the needles encourage your skin to heal by promoting collagen production. Titanium is best to prevent damage to the skin. Use this before applying the other remedies to your skin for the best results!


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