11 Natural Ways To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

As the name says, wisdom tooth is the one that grows only when you attain considerable wisdom in life. Anyone who has gone through the ordeal of wisdom tooth pain will be able to tell you the discomfort faced during the process.

Historically speaking, human ancestors were mainly proficient in eating leaves and vegetables initially, owing to which they needed the molar teeth that assisted in chewing. The excessive usage led to the eruption of the third set of the tooth after a certain age.

As man evolved, there was a gradual change in diet, and with the invention of knives and fork, the utility of molars started reducing. Thus, jaws became smaller in size and are not equipped with enough space to accommodate the wisdom tooth anymore. Few of the remedies for dealing with wisdom tooth pain are mentioned below.


The antibiotic property of garlic is well known, and this is what makes it effective against tooth pain. There are many ways of using garlic. Either place and chew a clove of garlic or add some sea salt along with it or make a garlic paste and apply on the offending tooth. The pain will be relieved, and there will be a boost in immunity as well.

Tea Bags

The presence of tannins in tea bags is responsible for the reduction of wisdom tooth pain. Make tea with a tea bag, keep the whole combination in a freezer, and when it gets appropriately cold, rinse your mouth with the solution. Make sure there are no additives like milk or sugar added to the tea.

Rinsing Your Mouth With Warm Salt Water

It has a very good disinfectant effect. The swelling of the gums around the wisdom tooth area leads to accumulation of food debris where pockets are formed, making it a hub for the bacteria to replicate. This, in turn, causes more discomfort and pain. Take a few tablespoons of salt and mix it with water and gargle your mouth and automatically the bacterial content will become low.

Another way of getting rid of the bacteria when experiencing wisdom tooth pain is the use of activated charcoal in that area. In fact, charcoal detox has been as effective as the salt-water rinse.


If you are okay with the lingering taste of onion in your mouth, it is an effective pain inhibitor. Take a piece of onion, place it in the area of pain, and chew it gently making sure that the juice coming outflows into that area. It has both an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Keep chewing until the pain reduces and then throw it out.

Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is another effective bacteria killer that is available. It brings down the inflammation and reduces the microorganism content. Take a little bit of toothpaste and mix it with the baking soda to make a paste and apply it on the affected area for immediate result.

Olive Oil

For a very long time, olive oil has been used for healing purposes, and it is no different for tooth pain as well. The aspect, which is a little different from others here, is that instead of applying it on the tooth, the oil is poured into the ear.

Heat a bit of olive oil and then cool it to a tolerable lukewarm temperature and then turn to the side and pour it into the ear on the side of the pain. The amount should be nominal, and the relief will be almost immediate.

Applying An Ice Pack

One of the major cause of pain during wisdom tooth eruption is the inflammation, which is caused due to the pooling of blood in that area. Applying an ice pack in that area will cause vasoconstriction and reduced pooling leading to reduced inflammation eventually. Take some ice in a towel and apply in the affected area to get the numbing effect as well.

Black Pepper Powder

Yes, there is an associated burn with black pepper powder, but as long as relieving pain and discomfort are concerned, black pepper is effective. Powder the black pepper or make it in the form of a paste and apply in the area of concern, ignore the burn and expect immediate relief.

Chilled Cucumber

As odd as it may sound, cucumber, in chilled form, is an ideal pain reliever in case of wisdom tooth pain. Keep the cucumber in a freezer for 10 minutes and when it becomes chilled, cut small slices out of it, place it in the area of pain, and chew it to make sure the juice flows into it. The pain will reduce in no time.

Guava Leaves

Nature has many a wonder stored and using guava leaves for relieving wisdom tooth pain is one of them. Take a few leaves and boil it in a bowl of water. Take the boiled leaves and chew it for around 30 seconds and you will see the difference in discomfort. You could also add a little bit of salt and use the water as a mouth rinse as well.

Black Tea

Tannins again play a role here. Brew a cup of black tea and drink it. The heat will relieve the pain to some extent. Place the tea bag on the tooth afterward to notice a significant decrease.

Despite all these remedies, the ultimate and permanent way of getting rid of wisdom tooth pain is to get it removed. Therefore, avoid delaying unnecessarily, go to a dentist, and get the treatment done as soon as possible.

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