Natural Remedies to Detox Nicotine from your Body

Although nicotine provides sweet relief to those that enjoy tobacco products, it has many negative side effects on the body. In addition to increasing stress within the body, nicotine may also increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. It also affects the thyroid, pituitary, sex, and adrenal hormones.

Natural Nicotine Detox

If you are trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle and eliminate nicotine from your body, there are some natural remedies that will help you do so.

1. Nettle

Nettle leaf extract contains active compounds that reduce inflammation, which is a common effect of nicotine in the body. Because it also has a high concentration of iron, it is also great for combatting infection.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi is an excellent ingredient to help detox the body as it purges nicotine from the body. It also replenished the body’s store of vitamins A, C, and E, which are often reduced from smoking.

3. Pine Needle Tea

This tea has been used for centuries to treat infections of the mouth and throat. Pine needle tea may also help with lung infections, and is also an expectorant and decongestant. All you need to do is grab a handful of young, green pine needles, add to boiling water and steep for 10 minutes, then strain and drink.

4. Orange

It is well-known that oranges and orange juice are full of vitamin C, which is lost when smoking. By increasing your body’s vitamin C levels, you can also help increase your body’s metabolism and help reduce stress in the body; both of these help rid your body of nicotine.

5. Spinach

Full of vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, spinach helps decrease the body’s desire for nicotine, thereby helping to fully remove nicotine from the body.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is full of vitamins C and B5, which also helps replace these lost vitamins due to nicotine intake. B5 may also help protect your lungs from toxin damage.

7. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice helps with nicotine removal thanks to its high amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and K. Carrot juice also helps repair damage to the skin cause by the nicotine.

In addition to the above remedies, drinking plenty of water and incorporating vegetables every day, especially eggplant, celery, and cucumbers, will help detox your body by keeping it hydrated and reducing your body’s craving for the taste of nicotine.

Also try incorporating more exercise into your day, as sweating will help the body remove nicotine from the body. A healthy and well-balanced life, in combination with some or all of the remedies mentioned above, will help to quickly remove nicotine from your body.



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