Mosquitos can be quite annoying and they spend the summer moving around obnoxiously leaving itchy bites on people. Some carry scary diseases like West Nile and malaria. Most of you have tried a couple of mosquito repellents without success. People attract mosquito bites due to a combination of light, scent, heat, and humidity. However, there are natural ways to get rid of these mosquitoes without the use of DEET based chemical repellents. DEET products contribute to various health and environmental problems. But if you’re at a higher risk of disease-carrying mosquito bites or at high risk for mosquito bites then you can use DEET product.

For people hanging out in their backyard, taking a camping trip or taking a hike, use of natural repellents is a better option. They are recommended because they are harmless and work well with children who are more sensitive. Let’s look at natural mosquito repellents that really work.


Take lavender flowers and crush them to produce a fragrance and oil that you can use to repel mosquitoes. A study showed that lavender oil is very effective at repelling adult mosquitoes. Additionally, lavender has antifungal, analgesic and antiseptic properties meaning it can calm and soothe the skin.

You can grow lavender at your yard. After crushing the flowers apply the oil to bite sensitive areas of the body like the ankles and arms. Alternatively, you can use a clean cloth and drop some oil on it then rub it onto the skin.

Thyme Oil

Thyme oil works perfectly at repelling mosquitoes that cause malaria. In a study, five percent of thyme oil that was applied to the skin of hairless mice provided 91 percent protection rate. If you’re camping, throwing thyme leaves into a fire can offer the required protection. According to research, burning thyme leaves can provide 85 percent protection for 60 to 90 minutes. If you want to use it at your home, combine four drops of thyme oil with a teaspoon of base oil like the jojoba or olive. When using a spray, every five drops of thyme oil you’re using ensure you add two ounces of water.

Soybean Oil

All soybean-based products like Bite Blocker for Kids which contains two percent soybean oil offers long-lasting protection from mosquitoes according to the University of Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory. Also, a combination of soybean and lemongrass oil works wonders at repelling mosquitoes.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

This type of oil has been used since the 1940s and is the commonly known natural mosquito repellant. In fact, lemon eucalyptus oil has been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an effective mosquito repellent. What’s more, using 32 percent of this oil provides 95 percent protection for three hours. When at home, you can mix one-part lemon eucalyptus oil to 10 parts sunflower oil or witch hazel. However, you’re advised against using this mixture on children under three years.

Cinnamon Oil

A study done in Taiwan showed that cinnamon oil can completely kill mosquito eggs and it offers protection against adult mosquitoes. When making this oil, use a quarter teaspoon (24 drops) of the oil for every four ounces of water. This is basically a diluted form of it which can be used to spray onto the skin or clothing, around the house, and onto the plants. Be careful when using cinnamon oil since a concentrated dose can cause skin irritation.

Citronella Essential Oil

A report in the Journal Current Drug Discovery Technologies stated that pure citronella essential oil effectively repels mosquitoes. Take caution when buying this oil because many of its products in the market aren’t pure enough or natural enough to be effective. So in case you buy a citronella oil and it doesn’t work then maybe it’s a synthetic form of it. But whenever you acquire a genuine form of citronella oil, you need to dilute it in a carrier oil like sweet almond. Importantly, you need to balance the two to avoid skin irritation. The most preferred amount is five percent solution which includes 64 drops of essential oil in one ounce or 30 ml. of carrier oil to yield excellent results. But start with two percent solution (24 drops essential oil and 30 mL carrier oil). Then build up according to your skin tolerance.


At times, it’s inevitable to get a mosquito bite. In that case, you should treat the bite at home by rubbing apple cider vinegar at the site of the bite. Also, placing a slice of raw onion or freshly cut garlic on the bite can provide relief and safeguard against infection. Multiple research suggests natural repellant ingredients are an effective way to repel mosquitos. This makes it possible for anyone looking to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals to have options to choose from.

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