Natural Methods to Strengthen Your Dog's Immune System

When it comes to taking care of your family, you probably want to make sure that all members are well-loved and healthy, including your pets. From giving the right foods and making sure they get enough exercise, we contribute to the health of our pets. But how else can we help our dogs? There are tons of products that combine potentially harmful chemicals marketed to improve your dog’s health but with unnecessary side effects. Luckily, there are great, natural alternatives to boosting your dog’s immune system, too. Here are seven natural ways to help make your dog healthier.

Choose the Right Foods

Having the right diet is a necessity for good health, for you and your dog. Bargain dog foods are often filled with fillers and preservatives and less of what your dog needs for full nutrition. However, just because a brand has a high price tag doesn’t mean that it’s really better. Read the labels and make sure the food has naturally-sourced antioxidants, which can be found in foods like red and pinto beans. Better yet, make your own.

Reduce Stress

Stressful situations can put increased wear on a dog’s nervous system and lower the ability to fight diseases. To avoid stress, have regular routines for feeding, playing and going outside. You should also monitor how your dog reacts to new dogs (or new people). An overstressed dog is prone to act out aggressively, whine or stops eating so it’s best to control the environment as much as you can.

Regular Baths

It might seem strange to take care of your pup’s insides by giving him baths, but these are necessary for his good health. A clean body is just as good for dogs as it is for humans. Your dog is exposed to various germs and debris just from walking around. Sometimes, they can even stick in his coat and enter his body whenever he licks himself. So make sure to give a regular and consistent amount of baths.

Consistent Exercise and Play

Walking the dog isn’t just a yo-yo trick, it’s a routine that needs to happen daily. Don’t limit your dog’s exercise to just those times when he needs to relieve himself. You can use playtime as a way to help him burn off energy (and fat) while improving his immune system. You’ll want to practice high-energy activities like jumping, playing fetch or even just running.

Keep Clean Bowls and Toys

After playing with toys outside or when his food bowls are empty, the bowls and toys are bound to be covered with germs.  It’s important to not just use any cleaning products. To help your dog, and even yourself, use cleaning products made from natural ingredients and not chemicals. This will lower your dog’s exposures to toxins and can help reduce his allergies.

Monitor Weight

Obesity is definitely one of the biggest attackers on a dog’s immune system. Even with consistent walking and playtime, it’s very easy for a dog to become obese. You might buy the best food but if he’s got access to table scraps, his diet and weight are in jeopardy. The treats we often use as a reward are usually high in sugar and fats that can trigger obesity and should be moderated or avoided altogether.

Keep Him Hydrated

Water is an essential ingredient for a healthy life. Our bodies and our pets’ bodies need adequate hydration levels in order for our internal systems to function properly. Having fresh, clean water available for your dog, both in and outside, will greatly improve his immune system.

Controlling your dog’s food and exercise isn’t the only way to keep him happy and healthy. With a few daily changes, you can help him get better from the inside out. Be mindful to use natural cleaning ingredients when washing chew toys and food and water dishes as any residue will have direct contact with your pup’s mouth.

Keeping your dog healthy requires a few special conditions but they can be easily added to your dog’s daily routine. Improving your dog’s immune system will be rewarding for both of you. One of the greatest benefits is that you’ll be able to extend your time together.


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