Medicinal Benefits and Uses of Aconite (Aconitum)

Aconite is also known by the names wolfsbane, monkshood, and blue rocket is a perennial plant which grows in the Northern hemisphere where mountain ranges are abundant. Many species of Aconite are incredibly poisonous, thus they must be handled with care and expertise.

Once used as the poison on dart and spear tips to defeat foes and wild animals (such as wolves), today Aconite is employed and prove to be very effective in certain homeopathic and holistic remedies and treatments.

Benefits of Aconite

Having been used for centuries in classical Chinese and Ayurvedic or Hindu medicines, Aconite is continually praised as an effective treatment for ailments such as anxiety, immune deficiency, and pain. Scientists have witnessed positive lasting effects in patients who suffer from insomnia, heart palpitations, labor pains, inflammation, and fevers when Aconite has been offered as the treatment.

There have been studies which show that Aconite may also have a positive effect on certain types of nervous system disorders. This herb is also used to treat gout, arthritis, headaches and severe migraines, and stimulate the release of toxins, water, excess fats, and salt from the body, which lowers the stress on the kidneys.

Using Aconite

Aconite may be found and purchased in tablets, liquid or powder form. As a liquid, the herb should be added to water before drinking. This will dilute the taste as well as ensure that the properties are absorbed more evenly in the body.

As a powder, Aconite may be mixed with any food or drink. Digesting the herb when it is mixed with food is easier on the stomach for some patients. The powder can be ingested on its own, this will ensure quicker results but may not be very pleasant for some people.

It should be stressed again that while Aconite has proven for years to be an effective holistic treatment, however, it is dangerous to deal with. The plant is poisonous, and with over 100 varieties, the general public will not know what characteristics to search for when harvesting the herb.

When purchasing Aconite, make sure you are getting the herb (in any form) from a reputable source who knows how to safely handle the substance.

A more in-depth explanation about the benefits and usage of this herb can be found in the book Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine, along with a wide variety of other medicinal herbs.


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