Your plants have been a part of you ever since you brought them into your home. Now that you’re leaving for a vacation, you can’t take the chance of leaving them alone to dry out. Vacation watering method can be easier than you think. Studies show that well-watered houseplants can go for days or a week on their own. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Asking your friend to help water your plants every time you’re on a vacation can be a bit tiresome on their end or they might even forget to. Therefore, you need a system of plants watering that will last even when you are away. Below we’ve prepared ways in which you can use to water your plants while on vacation.

Invest in A Mini Greenhouse

Buying a water recycling terrarium or a DIY large clear plastic bag can help to manage your plants for a few months when you’re not around. The plastic bag should be big enough to cover the plant and its pot. Place the bag in a way that it wouldn’t cling to the plant. Another way of using the plastic bag is by putting the plants inside the bag and then pull the bag up and around your plant. Blow some air into the bag to have it balloon around the plant and then seal it. This helps to ensure that the bag would press against the leaves. Using a mini greenhouse helps to avoid direct sunlight which can heat up the bag and kill your plants. Also, the greenhouse captures water as it evaporates and drips it back into the plant.

Step Up a Wick

Use of a wicking system applies in cases where you have large and unmovable plants. Here, you require a large water container and some cotton rope to hold water. The rope should be long enough to fit between the bottom of the water container and the soil of your plant. Place one end of the rope several inches below the surface of the soil, close to the plant but away from the roots. Take the other end and place it at the bottom of your water container and fill it with water. Let the rope be in contact with the bottom of your container. The cotton rope will wick water slowly from the container into the pot at the required rate keeping the level of the moisture in the soil constant.

Have a Slow Drip System

Drip system requires the use of plastic bottles which are easily available. Also, if you’re going for a vacation you might want to consider a drip watering system with an automatic timer. It saves time and is more reliable. Take clean and empty plastic bottles then drill several holes into the bottles close to the top. Few hours before you head out on vacation, water the plants as normal. Then fill the plastic bottles with water and turn them over and plunge them a few inches of soil in the pot. Ensure that the bottles aren’t that close to your plant and the holes are well covered by the soil. The water leaks slowly into the soil has it dries out. For large pots, use larger bottles.

Give Your Plants a Bath

If your plants’ pots have good drainage, you can give them a bath while you’re away. You should fill your sink or bathtub with water and lay a towel inside to protect against scratches. Then, rest your potted plants inside the tub and let them stay there while you’re away. The soil while draw water up to the roots hence your plant will be hydrated the entire time. You should also consider putting up some light especially if your plants require a lot of sunlight. ”


It’s important you test the method you’re going to use to water your plants a few weeks before leaving for vacation. Ensure that the method is working properly because sometimes plant watering method requires slightly tweaking to work. On the vacation day, water your plants thoroughly and then set up any of the above method. In case you have outdoor plants, choose a method that provides adequate water to keep them alive and thriving the entire period. However, if you have a friend whom you can entrust your plant to the days you will be away, well and good. However, you should keep track of how much water each plant tends to need and how often few days to the vacation day, then you can give your friend specific instructions on how to water them. You should also consider grouping the plants according to their watering needs.

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