Social events, meetings, gatherings, and shopping are now being held online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Surprisingly, a law has been passed in the US state of New York allowing people to hold virtual weddings. Several weddings have been canceled or postponed for a later date, although there are those willing to get married at home. There is no reason to not get married during this period, with proper planning and keeping your invite list to the required number, your day should go on smoothly. In fact, some wedding venues are helping couples to organize a COVID free wedding.

Communicate Digitally

While it’s important to oversee every activity prior to your wedding, for now, you should minimize the number of face-to-face meetings. Have virtual tours and Skype meetings with the vendors and do this regularly. Since everyone is aware of what’s happening in the world today, they will be more than happy to accommodate this wherever possible. In case you must do a physical visit to the venues, send an email beforehand to discuss what social distancing measures should be taken.

Also, you should have a wedding website where you keep your guest informed, and they can ask any questions related to the wedding. This prevents millions of phone calls in which you have to answer the same question over and over again. Let them know when you’re available to reply to their questions.”

Have Separate Venues for The Ceremony and Reception

This option might not be favorable to everyone, but due to the escalating Coronavirus cases, separating where you get married (the ceremony) and the part that requires many people to be in the same area (reception) should be a top priority. In fact, most people should embrace the idea of eloping just the two of them, and then you can have a party thereafter. But either way, let the number of people attending both locations be on the low. This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your guest and you will feel more present on your special day.

Plan Some of The Things by Yourself

Since some adjustments need to be done for the wedding to be successful during this time, you can help with some of the rearrangements. Start by narrowing down your guest list – notify people that not everyone will be able to take part in the wedding ceremony, but you appreciate their dedication and well wishes. Additionally, you should order dresses and accessories online, some sellers are willing to deliver to your home. Plan your honeymoon destination within the allowed area. Don’t risk going to a far destination where cases of COVID are high.

Acquire a Permit

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, many cities and towns are demanding that anyone having a large gathering at their home should have a permit. There are also restrictions on playing loud music past curfew, although there are other ways to keep the party going. For example, you can consider using silent discos with headphones. You must be creative to make this day your best day ever. Check with your municipality what the law requires you to do and what not to do. Plus, if you live in an apartment building, talk with your property manager to know the regulations put for any home events.

Hire an Expert

Look for someone who has planned a wedding before and they know all that which is required to have a successful wedding. Both of you should be able to understand each other since you will be working together for months. The planner should be well informed, give you expert advice, create a personalized experience for you, and be able to negotiate some services on your behalf. Now, it’s very easy to find a wedding planner charging fair amounts because their area of expertise has been affected by the pandemic. Very few people are doing weddings during this time, which is why you should take advantage of that.


As you prioritize health, wellness, and self-care, use this time to plan for your upcoming wedding. You will be surprised at how fast time goes by. Have a checklist of everything that needs to be done before that day. If you don’t have a planner and you want some advice on several things, information and expertise, head to social media, and online for valuable resources. If you can have a small intimate wedding at home, you’ll have to wait until Coronavirus is over, of which nobody knows when the pandemic will come to an end. Note that the CDC recommends no gatherings of 50 or more people until further notice.

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