Looking for tips on how to get platinum blonde hair from a golden blonde? You’ve come to the right place. For a long time, blonde hair has been the favorite of many people, and men simply loved it. Plus, it had the effect of making you stand out among the crowd wherever you went. If you are a natural blonde, you’re lucky. It’s not easy to dye your hair blonde, and you might have to bleach your hair several times and use a ton of shampoo. In recent times, platinum blonde has been all the rage. This fashion trend will stick around for a while for several reasons, one being that the sparkling icy blonde color pairs exceptionally well with any outfit. So, if you want to get platinum blonder from golden blonde, heres’ what you’ll need to do.

Tips to Help Go Platinum Blonde

Before you take this exciting journey for going platinum blonde, these tips will ensure you do it right:

Tip 1: Strip Your Hair Color

Keep in mind, color does not cover color, meaning if you’ve had your hair dyed, you have to strip the hair color first. You can do this at home using a hair color remover of your choice.

Tip 2: Have a Color Inspiration in Mind

There are different variations to the platinum blonde shade, and it’s important to have some color inspiration in mind. Whether you choose ivory, icy, or bluish hue, be sure to pick a shade that complements your skin tone.

Tip 3: Manage Your Expectations

Like we’ve noted, if you’re naturally blonde, it will be easier to get that coveted icy blonde shade. However, if your hair is jet black, it will take more time before you get that platinum blonde shade. You’ll have to be more patient and be ready to go in for a few sessions.

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair

Now that you have a clue of what to do before you get started, let’s jump right into the step-by-step guide of getting that gorgeous platinum blonde hair. You can choose to go to a salon or do it yourself. If you have dark hair, it’s safer to leave it in the hands of a professional. That way, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair or ending up with a totally different hue.

If you are not making a dramatic hair color change, you can attempt a DIY at home by following the steps below:

Step 1: Have All the Materials Ready

Before you get started, you’ll need a few essential items, including:

  • Lightener (bleach)
  • Hair clips for sectioning
  • Hair toner in your preferred shade
  • Coconut oil
  • A brush for application
  • Mixing bowl
  • Gloves

The materials you need will vary, depending on the level of change you’ll be making to your hair.

When selecting a hair bleach, consider your original hair color. It might take a few steps to process your old hair color out and the new hair color in. To get that platinum blonde shade, you must remove most of the pigment from your hair strands to get a new-white look.

There are several types of bleach you can use, such as L’Oréal Paris Féria Extra Bleach Blonding or the L’Oréal Paris Féria Hyper Platinum Advanced Lightening System Bleach. You can also use other products of your choice.

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Before you start bleaching your hair, you’ll need to section it first. Start by applying coconut oil to act as a protectant during the bleaching process. This will help reduce any damage that may result from bleaching.

To ensure the coconut oil reaches all parts of your hair, comb it thoroughly. Now, section your hair into four parts to make the application easier. Sectioning hair also ensures the application is even and less messy.

Step 3: Mix Your Lightener with a Developer

Nowadays, you can get products made specifically for turning your hair platinum blonde.

Just be sure to get a product that has genuine positive reviews. Some people have whitened yellow hair using purple toner, purple shampoo, lemon, or gentian violet.

Step 4: Apply the Product

After mixing your lightener with the developer or buying a platinum blonde hair combo that’s ready to use, it’s time to apply it, starting from the back and working your way forward. The roots take less time to lighten, so you might want to work your way up.

Regardless of how you apply it, what matters is that every strand of hair is evenly covered. Let the lightener sit according to the instructions. Each lightener works differently, so you may want to carefully read the instructions on how long you should leave the bleach on your hair. 

The last thing you want is over-bleached hair!

Step 5: Rinse Out the Lightener

When the time has elapsed, wash out the bleach mixture from your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly in warm or cool water until you’re convinced you’ve gotten rid of all the bleach. Then shampoo your hair. It’s good to use a high-quality conditioner here as well.

Dry your hair and check out the results.

You may have to repeat the steps above, depending on what you see.

Step 6: Apply the Toner

A toner helps to eliminate the remaining tones of yellow or orange from your hair. You must mix your toner with the developer you used with the lightener. Use the precise amounts as indicated in the instructions to get perfect results.

Apply the toner the same way you did the lightener, and let it sit as per the instructions. The final step is to rinse your hair, and you should remain with beautiful platinum blonde hair.

Tips to Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair:

Your journey to going platinum blonde from golden blonde does end with the transition. You’ll have to take good care of it. Here are some tips:

  • Condition regularly
  • Use tiny amounts of purple shampoo to keep your platinum hair looking fresh and vibrant
  • Avoid getting into pools with uncovered hair
  • Use treatment masks once per weak
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos


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