A wedding is the most important event in a woman’s life, and to most brides, there is no wedding without the perfect wedding dress. The wedding dress is supposed to set the tone of the wedding since it’s a reflection of one’s style and personality. To groom, all wedding dresses look the same and are perfect. But, brides always know what they want and they have a way of telling which wedding dress suits them perfectly. There are a lot of factors that come to play when picking a wedding dress, such as the material used, the best gown style, and the sheer number of design choices available. Here is how to choose the perfect wedding dress.

Have a Budget

It’s important to know the amount you’re going to spend on a wedding dress before booking appointments. Obviously, there is a whole wedding to plan which requires a lot of money, thus spend the amount you’re comfortable with on a dress without hurting the overall wedding planning should be your aim. Ensure that you begin each boutique by letting them know your price range. You don’t want to fall in love with a wedding dress only to realize you can’t afford it.

Moreover, you have three options when shopping for your wedding dress, which includes renting the dress, buying a dress already made, or getting a custom-made dress. Renting a wedding dress is the least expensive option, buying an already made dress can cost a little bit more, while getting a custom-made dress might cost you a fortune. Choose what best suits you in terms of budget and preferences.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect place to sort for inspiration on types and styles of wedding dresses. No lie, the wedding dresses on Pinterest can seem a little intimidating, but the most important thing is finding what you’re looking for. Researching before visiting the stores gives you a sense of what to expect, and you get to know which fabric and style, you’re most drawn to. Plus, it helps you avoid being totally overwhelmed the moment you step into a store with countless wedding dresses. Select the wedding dresses that catch your eye and pin them on your board. Then compare among the dresses you’ve selected in terms of style. Have the app with you when visiting the boutiques so that you can show them what you want.

Choose a Dress According to Your Shape

While it’s easy to fall in love with a dress you saw on Pinterest or in a certain boutique, first ask yourself if you have anything in that shape. Let your existing outfits give you a clue of what to look for because they will help you define what shape already looks good on you, makes you feel comfortable and flatters your figure. If peplums or pencil skirts are your thing, buying a fitting or flare dress is your best option.

Start Early

After having decided on how much to spend on a wedding dress, start the search immediately. Most custom-made dresses take four to six months to be complete, thus you must place your order very early. Also, if you’re buying an already made dress, you might need more time for alterations and accessorizing. Plus, you can start looking for a wedding dress early, then give yourself time to decide among your top picks which one to buy. The bottom line is to avoid doing it the last minute then you end up picking something you don’t like.

Think of Color

Most people go for the traditional white or ivory colors when buying a wedding dress. But, there are no set rules that say every bride should dress in white at her wedding. Choose a color the compliments your skin tone and looks good on you to give you that bridal glow. Whichever color you go for, ensure you adjust the theme of your wedding accordingly. Be open and try on different colors before settling on one. You should have someone with you to offer a second opinion if you’re in doubt whether you picked the right wedding dress.

Know Your Options

Don’t limit yourself to one wedding dress store, there is a multitude of places you can visit. You’ll get plenty of options by visiting numerous stores. Visit those famous boutiques and ask them plenty of questions on different designs even if you don’t end up choosing one of their pieces. Also, if you come across a dress you love, don’t be in a rush to buy it. You can look it up in the next store to be sure you’re buying it at the best price. However, if you aren’t sure which designer dress to wear, heading over to a wedding fair can help. You’ll find exhibitions from various designers and boutiques, as well as getting to see dresses modeled on the catwalks.

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