An engagement ring is a sign of love, commitment, and willingness to take the relationship to the next level. Shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming yet very exciting. Most men need guidance when choosing a perfect engagement ring, considering they have to go through thousands of diamonds. Some of the things you need to think of when buying an engagement ring are the size, ring style, the best metal for rings, types of ring setting, and so on. Below, we’ll give you insights on how to choose the perfect engagement ring. Let’s get started.

Select Your Metal First

There are three types of metals that are used to make engagement rings: platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. So, when deciding on the type of metal, go for a color that you know your partner will love. For example, if her jewel box contains more gold, then choosing a golden ring would be your best bet. Alternatively, if she leans more towards silver items, buying a platinum ring would suit her perfectly.

A platinum ring is the most expensive and in most cases, it doesn’t tarnish. But it’s also very costly to repair in case of damage. White gold rings somehow resemble silver and can be worn with any other type of jewel. On the other hand, yellow gold happens to be the most popular among all engagement rings and comes in 14 or 18 karat gold.

Know Her Size

While shopping for an engagement ring, the issue isn’t buying, but choosing the right size. Most men tend to screw it up by buying a very small or extra-large ring that doesn’t fit. You’ll find that they have picked the perfect ring but in the wrong size. Ring size is one of the key considerations when choosing a ring. However, since you don’t want to give your girlfriend a clue of what you’re about to do. There are ways you can get to know her ring size without her knowing. For instance, you can take one of her rings and bring it with you to the jeweler to be measured. Remember to be sneaky if you want to keep the proposal as a surprise.

Set Your Budget

Before you step into a jewelry store, you should be aware of the amount you’re going to spend. Tell the jeweler to show you options available within your range. Remember that just like buying a car, you can negotiate for the price of the ring too. Buying a ring that you can afford is the most sincere and honest thing to do. After all, it doesn’t matter the amount spend on the engagement ring, what matters is the effort you put into purchasing it, plus your intention. Some women even prefer using the money for a romantic honeymoon than blowing your savings account on some rock. Don’t delay the proposal just because you can’t afford the most expensive ring. You can always buy her that ring as an anniversary present sometimes in the future.

Know Her Style

Choose an engagement ring that suits your future wife’s style and preferences. When buying an engagement ring, it should be all about her, not what you like. The most famous ring style is “classic”. Classic is the word used to refer to engagement rings with a plain band, usually in platinum or gold, and has a diamond or colored stone set in a beautiful four or six-prong setting. This ring style is very beautiful, elegant, and timeless. Another ring style is contemporary which has diamond halos, diamond shoulders, or both. The final engagement ring style is the vintage, which is only suitable for women who prefer something a little original and different. Just understand what she likes and decide if it will complement her personality.

Choose Ring Setting Wisely

Basically, ring setting refers to the metal attached to the band and holds the gemstone together. We have two types of ring settings; invisible and prolonged. The prolonged setting has four or more prongs placed on the stone and allows light in from different angles. This is said to be the most secure among the two although it has some stones that might catch on clothes. The invisible setting usually has the gemstones sitting directly into the band. It’s very practical for the ring-wearers who have a very active life. It’s advised you buy a ring that doesn’t sit too high to avoid losing the gemstone now and then. Also, due to tear and wear, the ring should be checked regularly.

Consider the Shape

To pick the perfect engagement ring, you should also consider the shape. However, the ring shape depends on your girlfriend’s preferences. We have shapes such as round, princess, pear, oval, and heart. The jeweler should guide you through these shapes. Otherwise, the princess remains to be the most popular engagement ring up to date.

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