How Safe Is The Food You're Consuming? How to Detect Nitrates and Nitrites in Your Food

If you and your family eat any fresh fruits and vegetables, then this is a question you might ask yourself often. You usually hear about fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides being used to either make crops grow better or to keep away pests, but you don’t always hear about nitrates and nitrites in food.

Nitrates and nitrites are very similar. Their difference lies in their chemical makeup, but the words are used interchangeably in this article.

Chances are if you eat fresh produce or meat, you and your loved ones are likely being exposed to these harmful substances.

Below you will learn about the harmful effects of nitrates in your food and what you can do about it to protect your family from illness and disease.


Farmers use pesticides mainly to get rid of bugs and insects that might be harmful to plants. Pesticides usually kill all insects, so that plants can grow without any problems. The loss of leaves due to insect damage may prevent a plant from growing and producing to its full potential. Farmers do this to ensure they are making money.

Pesticides are usually found on the outside of your vegetables and fruits. They can also be found within the food as well. When you wash your food, you can rinse off some of the pesticides that are located on the outer skin, but getting rid of what’s inside is almost impossible.

Unfortunately, pesticides can cause long-term damage and have harmful carcinogens. Even though the awareness of the public is quite high, 99% of fresh food contains pesticides.


While pesticides are used to rid of bugs and unwanted pests, nitrates are used to boost crops and help them grow. To meet the demand, conventional farmers apply nitrate-dense fertilizers to crops where the nitrate levels are increased far beyond what our bodies can naturally process.

As a result of this, you get fruits and vegetables that are juicier and larger in size, and available even when the season is out, like strawberries in February!

So while you may be trying to live a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables, your toxic exposure may be increasing.

Nitrates can be found inside fruits and vegetables as well as in the flesh of animals. Like some of the pesticides on your food, nitrates cannot be rinsed off.

The long-term effects are similar to that of the risks of pesticides. About 60% of fruits and vegetables are contaminated with nitrates. The consumer awareness level about nitrates is low, which means people are not really educated about where it can be found and how harmful it can be.

Nitrates in Meats versus Nitrates in Fruits and Vegetables

You might be wondering why this article is mostly about the nitrates found in fruits and vegetables since meats also contain nitrates. Since there has been research into the dangers of nitrates, many countries have requirements and laws in place when it comes to nitrates in meat. Meat producers must adhere to labeling regulations.

This is good news for meat, but not such good news for fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, the same regulations are not in place for fresh produce. Since there are no standards for farmers and producers to follow, it makes eating food with nitrates a great risk.

Nitrates and nitrites are not only found in fruits and vegetables due to chemical use but can also be a result of unregulated farming techniques and poor storage. There is also no testing for nitrates during any step between farming and putting produce on the market.

Harmful Effects and Health Risks of Nitrates

Consuming high numbers of nitrates can have devastating health risks for you and your family. They can cause serious diseases in adults and children, especially after consistent exposure. Here are some of the health effects of ingesting nitrates regularly:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blue baby syndrome
  • Adult methemoglobinemia

While you’ve likely heard of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, blue baby syndrome and adult methemoglobinemia might be new to you.

Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder that can cause side effects that interfere with daily life. The blue baby syndrome is a form of methemoglobinemia and is when an infant can be born blue due to heart defects caused by nitrates.

Think You Are Healthy? Think Again…

One of the most frustrating things to hear is when you think you have been eating healthy, yet you don’t realize that you might actually be doing more harm than good for your family. As a healthy eater who indulges in fruits and vegetables, just like you have been encouraged to, you might actually be more at risk than you thought possible.

While organic produce is an option, you still might be at risk for a couple of different reasons. For one, remember when it was mentioned that there are no regulations when it comes to nitrates? Therefore, it is very difficult for you to be protected from the use of excessive nitrates in your foods.

Unfortunately, this means the people who are eating the healthiest foods may still be at a higher risk for getting cancer, Alzheimer’s and other terrible diseases and health conditions. It seems almost impossible to fight this injustice, but there is a solution to keep you and your family safe from harm.

Find Out For Yourself

While all this might seem like the worst news you have heard in a while, there is actually some good news. There is a way for you to test for yourself to see what nitrates lie below the surface of your fruits and vegetables.

The nitrite levels in fresh foods can easily be measured using a simple device—a portable nitrate detector.

The SOEKS Ecovisor F4 Nitrate Detector

SOEKS has been around and held a strong presence for those hoping to protect their families from harmful chemicals in the environment for the last 10 years. The device and the measurement process are protected by multiple international patents.

The company now offers the SOEKS Ecovisor F4. Development and manufacturing of this product will ensure you have what you need to protect your family from harmful nitrates found in food.

SOEKS is not only the developer and manufacturer of the SOEKS F4 Ecovisor 4-in-1 but is proud to say that they are experts in also making radiation detectors, electromagnetic field detectors, radiation dosimeters and other types of nitrate testers.

Its Purpose

The SOEKS F4 Ecovisor 4-in-1 can not only can detect nitrates, but can also detect radiation, EMF, and the quality of water. It can even detect ionizing radiation such as X-rays. Once you find out how much nitrate is in your foods, you decide on what to do next—whether to eat or discard it.


The SOEKS Ecovisor F4 has 4 great features with one device that can comfortably fit into the palm of your hand. All components are Tested and Certified: CE, ROHS, EAC, ROSTEST, ISO 900.

1 . Radiation Detector

The first feature, the dosimeter can find out and alert you if there is a high rate of radiation found in foods, the environment, and even water. The Fukushima nuclear incident that happened a while back has spread radiation far and wide, so it is important to check for radiation because it can sneak up on you.

Radiation cannot be detected by the senses. It can also be extremely dangerous, especially because you can’t see it.

2 . Nitrate Tester

The only other way to find out if the fruits and vegetables you are eating contain harmful nitrates is to take samples to a lab. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is also very expensive.

The SOEKS Ecovisor F4 will change that. It can prevent you from wasting time and money by doing the lab work right in your own home. You can determine if you are ingesting more than the daily recommended safe amount each day (200-300mg).

3 Electromagnetic Radiation Field Detector

Did you know that devices such as your TV, power lines, and other electrical devices can cause EMF to harm you and your family? With the SOEKS, you don’t have to worry about that. EMF is another type of harmful radiation that cannot be seen or felt.

4 Water Quality Meter

The fourth feature is to test your drinking water. The quality of your water can certainly have an impact on your health. You can find out if the water you are using is soft or hard and what other types of features it has that might be affecting you and your family.

How to Use

The SOEKS F4 Ecovisor 4-in-1 is very easy to use and was designed for the average consumer. All you have to do is turn it on, indicate what type of food you are looking to test and insert the probe.

In less than 3 seconds your device will display your result. It is as easy as using a thermometer to find out if your food has reached the correct temperature.

The alerts are also color-coded for easy use. The numbers it will give you show how much nitrate is found in the food and compares it to a predetermined amount that foods should have. This way you can figure out how much excess nitrate your food contains.

If you find that a food has too much nitrate, you can figure out what to do about it. Before, not knowing how much nitrate a food has, you don’t really have a choice but to eat it and continue thinking you are doing everything right.

Once you know, you can choose to find the food from a different source or simply grow your own!

Where to Find It?

Fortunately, you can find SOEKS in over 40 countries throughout the world. It is currently being sold in the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Russia, Germany and the United States, among many other countries.

SOEKS is also available through Amazon or the company’s website.


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